Summerparade (27. July 2002) - Get .zip file (3,5mb)
The yearly Summer Parade here in Oslo. This year bigger than ever! 12 trucks with different themes, and around 15.000 people had joined in. This year also P.L.U.R. had its own truck (#10) with a jungle theme thanks to a friend of mine, Kim.

Roskilde Festival (25.-30. June 2002) - Get .zip file (21,3mb)
Pictures from the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark where we had 1 week of pure fun. The Chemical Brothers, Nelly Furtado, Garbage, HIM, Kaizers Orchestra, Kent and Red Hot Chili Peppers was some of the bands playing there.

St. Charles (22. October 2001) - Get .zip file (3,7mb)
St. Charles is 35 minutes from Chicago located in the US. I worked as a teacher on Accenture's training facility together with people from all over the world; Germany, Sweden, England, Canada and of course a lot of the teachers came from the US. I was the only one from Norway though. It was really fun to be there, especially since I had never been in the US before.

Go Cart in 180km/h (30. September 2001) - Get .zip file (4,1mb)
You take a Racing Go Cart with 25HP, 100CC and 40KG, put it on a regular but newly bituminous road in Raufoss (Norway) and start driving. Since it was raining this Sunday, and we forgot to bring a helmet this day we couldn't drive as fast as 180 km/h, but you can still have fun. And we did have fun until I missed a turn and smashed into a ditch 1 meter below the street next to a river that was passing under the road. I managed to break the foot-protection in front of the Go-Cart, strain my right thumb and destroy the mechanism that controls the accelerator system to the engine. So the fun was over for this time. And since the sponge that we used for temporary air filter was very wet at this time we couldn't continue for long anyway.

Summerparade (28. July 2001) - Get .zip file (0,7mb)
You take 15.000 dancing people, dress them up in skimpy, sexy (talking about the girls here :-) ), techno/space/halloween-looking costumes, several trucks with trailers filled with more dancing people and speakers playing techno music at 100dB and good weather. Then you get the yearly summer parade held here in Oslo.

School (26. Mars 1998)
Frank, Christian and I tested out a new web based camera at school, and yes it worked :-)

Lionscamp (Summer 1997) - Get .zip file with low res. pictures (1,5mb)
A 4 weeks youth camp in Austria starting the 5th of July 1997. Met people from all over the world, and did also learn some new stuff like the "Banana Song" (Denise :-) ), why I should not have a gun at home and a lot of Polish (Maciej). We stayed at 3 different places, but I think all of us can agree that we had the most fun when we stayed at a hotel in Vienna. Close to centrum and the bar called "Downstairs". During my stay there I also visited Sopron in Hungary together with Maciej and my host family.

Russ (Spring 1997) - Get .zip file (0,5mb)
Norwegian way to celebrate that you are soon finished on college. You are "Russ" from January to the end of May. During this time you very often wear a red, blue, black, green or pink (depends on what college you went to) boiler suit and drive around in an old car (in the same color as your suit) almost falling to pieces. You party, stay up several nights and days without sleeping, you do stupid thing like wearing slalom boots a whole school day and eat ice cream with onion, ketchup and mustard on and during this time you actually also have your final exams. No wonder people do great on these exams :-)