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One root went into the Spring of Hvergelmir in Niflheim. A wild dragon called Nidhogg guarded the spring and gnawed at the root, trying to destroy it.

The second went into the Fountain of Mimir in Midgard. The water in this fountain was the source of all wisdom. It was jealously watched by the god, Mimir.

The third root reached into the Well of Urd, in Asgard, which was tended by the Norns. There were three Norns. They were very wise old women who tended Yggdrasil. They decided every person's destiny. Even the gods were subject to the fates they decreed.

An eagle and a hawk perched in Yggdrasil's highest branches. The squirrel, Ratatosk, ran up and down its trunk, carrying insults between the eagle and Nidhogg.

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