Norse Myths (Created 1999)
A school project where we had to make a web page of any subject following some specific standards from our lecturer - a real Linux guru. We had to learn Python and java scripting language, Apache webserver, the HTML 4.0 standards, the use of CSS, SSI and CGI and as a minimum requirement write a guest book, a log system and a counter. As main source we used the pictures and text from the book "Usborne Illustrated guide to Norse Myths and Legends, 1982". The page was created within a group of 4 people, but today I am updating and hosting this site alone.

Norse Myths

Expo 2000 (Created 2000)
My first web-project alone. The site was created for the yearly event "Expo" on the university HIOF where all the last year students presents their final projects. The site was suppose to be easy to read and navigate on, use SSI and CSS and HTML 4.0 validate. All the information about the 3 days event should be found on the page. The page should contain detailed programs for the 3 days, information about each of the 42 projects and a bulletin board where people could post important information. All graphics and HTML code was made by me.

Expo 2000 - Firstpage

Netaxept (Created 2000)
My first project in Accenture from the summer 2000 to summer 2001. Netaxept is a web based solution for handling logistics and payments over the internet for web shops. JSP, javascript and graphic was my main tasks on this project.


Planetarion Graphics (Created 2001)
Created graphics for the galaxy "Malefica Galactica" in Planetarion and the "P14 Alliance" website.


Accenture (Created 2001)
Created a online job application system for Accenture Scandinavia. Graphic, text and ASP code was created by me.


Planetarion Graphics (Created 2002)
Created graphics for the galaxy "Malefica Galactica" in Planetarion. I played under the name Nibler.


Planetarion Graphics (Created 2002)
Created graphics for the galaxy "Daytime, Nighttime, Anytime (DnA)" in Planetarion. I played under the name Peacekeeper.


Buskerud FpU (Created 2002)
A friend (Paul) asked me on behalf of his friend (Eirik) if I wanted to make a web site for a political party here in Norway. Usually I do not involve myself in political matters, but he is my friend so I made an exception. The project started in february 2002 and was finished the 16th of April. I made all coding and all design from scratch, I even made them a new logo. I also wrote a new guest book, a counter and a register form with a send mail function (all written in PHP) for this job. I used a few java-scripts to render the menu, and to show the date. The page has a static width on 800 (following the specifications I got) and it validates according to the HTML 4.0 Transitional standard.

Buskerud FpU

Urmakermester (Created 2003)
Project started early in 2002, but was first published (replacing the old site) 10th of January 2003. It has been a really great deal of work, and it was also my first big project using frames, which was the only way to solve the challenges I had on this page. As usually it uses CSS, SSI, a few javascripts and it validates according to the HTML 4.0 Transitional standard. It is also made in a way that makes it very easy to maintain for the administrator. The domain used is and All coding and design is done by me.


Verion (Created 2003)
I created this site during the summer months for a Norwegian Counter Strike (a computer game based on the first person shot 'em up game Halflife) clan. The clan did not last for more than a few months, but the site is still being used but now by a clan with another name.

Verion - A Norwegian Counter Strike Clan

Forskningsrådet WebMail (Created 2004)
Forskningsrådet needed a user friendly and simple WebMail interface, so I created this in December 2004. I did also include some nice statistics from the virus/spam filter system, and of course the possibility to login to the SPAM system as well.

WebMail Interface (Created 2005)
My aunt, Restiel Marqvardsen, needed a page to promote herself, her art, and her art exhibitions. I made 3 design suggestions in the beginning of 2005, and this was the winner. I created the page in May 2005.

Russekort - Sjur (Created 2006)
My little brother needed a russekort (something the Russ give away from April to the 17th of May to friends, family and children that asks for it on the street) to celebrate his graduation. I created this russekort for him in January 2006, and he printed 400 of them in business card size. All the information on the card is accurate, even the number in the bottom right corner (1/783) meaning that there are a totally 783 persons in Norway with the name Sjur (at least when I created this card). (Created 2007)
A website created to promote an apartment for rent. At first the website was located at before it became The apartment is located in Alanya in Turkey and can be let by contacting the owner Paul Kutlu. (Created 2008)
To make it easier for Watchmaker Erik to maintain his own site I updated it to this new user interface. He can now edit and change everything on the site very easy using the WebCreator provided by the domain host