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I do not make updates to the "News" and "Latest News" any more. Mainly because I am too busy doing other things I find more important (or kids as some call them). But sooner… or in this case rather later, new entries will be added. I have made a note to myself that the left side menu does not pop up in any modern browsers. This happens when you use tags that only work in Internet Explorer up to version 10. Finally Microsoft has also decided to follow the HTML standards, but shame on me for not following them in the end of 2000 when I wrote this.

"So why did you not use standard HTML on this menu, Gjermund? That would have saved you a lot of work now when you have to rewrite it, right?"

Ah… Yes. But in the prehistoric time we now are talking about, when the internet was still young, the few browser manufacturers that existed did not cooperate and the standards where really immature and the limitations hit you in the face every time you tried to do something advanced I had to make a choice. I wanted to make a nice transparent pop-up menu using layers and that was only possible to solve in Internet Explorer 5. At first I tried to make a cross browser solution that would also work in other browsers like Opera 4/5 and Netscape 4.7/6, but that was not possible. I will at some point rewrite the code, but feel free to do it for me if you have time :-)

Freebit-H1 soon for sale - 28. August 2006
This is just fantastic! It has been 5 long years since I first held a demo model of the Freebit-H1 bluetooth headset in my hands, and now it is coming for sale this September. It weights only 10 grams, have more than 9 hours operation time, 200 hours standby time and a working range of 33 feet. It has been a long journey for this product to reach the store, but it has been well worth waiting for! Great work Richard Steenfeldt Berg and Metafax!

Freebit by Asono

Øyafestivalen - 3. August 2006
Next week it is time for yet another festival, but this time here in Oslo. I have volunteered on the rigging team this year to get a free festival pass, and I am really looking forward to it all.

Tusenfryd - 27. July 2006
I worked only half a day to join Kari, Jørgen and Gunhild on a trip to Tusenfryd on this hot day. The new attraction, the SpeedMonster that did 0-100km/h in 2 sec was as expected very good, but I still think the ThunderCoaster is the best attraction at Tusenfryd. Back in Oslo we had dinner at Jørgens place before we used the rest of the day/night to make smooties, mangolassi and strawberry lassi. Summer is great!

Roskilde - 27. June 2006 to 3. July 2006
Christian, Jon and I travelled by air to the Roskilde festival in Denmark this year. Øystein, Dag and Bjørge had already gotten us a great place at the new J camp so everything was ready when we got there the 27th. Next to the J camp we had both the fishing area (Øystein did get a 1,5 kg trout that we grilled and ate) and the lake for swimming. A very quiet and relaxing place to have camp. During the day it was up to 35 degrees, and during the night 6 degrees at det coldest. I only had a summer sleeping bag and was freezing every night even though I slept in my winter underwear. When I got back from the festival, I had a cold for almost 2 weeks because of that.

I attended following concerts:
Day Band Rating
Wed. 28. June    Purified in Blood 3+
Wed. 28. June Marie Key Band 4
Thu. 29. June The Editors 5-
Thu. 29. June Annie Nightingale 4-
Thu. 29. June The Thing 3
Thu. 29. June WhoMadeWho 4+
Thu. 29. June Zdob Si Zdub 5+
Thu. 29. June Magtens Korridorer 4
Thu. 29. June Jenny Wilson 4
Thu. 29. June Bullet for My Vallentine 5-
Thu. 29. June Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution 4
Thu. 29. June Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 5-
Thu. 29. June Guns N' Roses 4
Thu. 29. June Sigur Rós 3+
Fri. 30. June Ba Cissoko 5-
Fri. 30. June Gogol Bordello 3+
Fri. 30. June Martha Wainwright 4+
Fri. 30. June Matisyahu 4+
Fri. 30. June Shout out Louds 4
Fri. 30. June Kaizers Orchestra 5+
Fri. 30. June Morrissey 5
Fri. 30. June JR Ewing 3+
Fri. 30. June Rufus Wainwright 4+
Fri. 30. June Bob Dylan 4
Fri. 30. June Wir Sind Helden 5
Fri. 30. June My Midnight Creeps 5-
Fri. 30. June The Streets 3-
Fri. 30. June Death Cab for Cutie 4+
Fri. 30. June Scissor Sisters 4
Sat. 1. July Deftones 4
Sat. 1. July Primal Scream 5
Sat. 1. July Thåström 6
Sat. 1. July Tool 5
Sat. 1. July Phoenix 6
Sat. 1. July HIM 5
Sun. 2. July Mad Caddies 5-
Sun. 2. July Arctic Monkeys 4+
Sun. 2. July Wolfmother 6
Sun. 2. July The Strokes 5
Sun. 2. July Placebo 4+
Sun. 2. July Franz Ferdinand 6
Sun. 2. July The Raconteurs 5
Sun. 2. July Kaizer Chiefs 6
Sun. 2. July Roger Waters 4+

Midsummer Eve - 24. June 2006
Midsummer Eve was celebrated in Årnes at Pål and Anita house where they also announced that they are leaving Norway the 16th. of August to got to Lombok for 6 months to build a house there.

Wedding - 17. June 2006
Frank and Anine got married in Askim today, and Christian and I attended this great wedding that lasted all day and most of the night.

Taste of Africa - 1. June 2006
As part of the merge between Storagetek and Sun the new company invited all customers to dinner and entertainment at Langøyene here in Oslo. The theme was "A taste of Africa" where they served antelope and wild boar which was fantastic, and rattlesnake which was mostly bones and did not taste anything at all. Terje Sporsem did a great stand up show, and walking on stilts, playing football and throwing axes kept us warm even though it was quite cold and windy. The day ended with a concert with the Norwegian band Loveshack.

NRK P3 Concert - 27. May 2006
Kaizers Orchestra, Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band, Orson, Heroes and Zeroes and P3's Radioresepsjonen (Bjarte Tjøstheim, Tore and Steinar Sagen) live at Youngstorget here in Oslo.

Eurovision song contest 2006 - 20. May 2006
Kari, Jørgen and myself joined Tormund and his shared house yearly Eurovision party. The final was held in the Athens, and the Finnish contribution Lordi with the song Hard Rock Hallelujah was reason enough to gather 20 people around Tormund's little TV this year. Eurovision score sheets where you give points for everything from song, artist, costume, flirt factor to baywatch factor and a drink every time a singer goes up half a tone makes it all a lot of fun. And the best part was that Lordi actually won it all this year.

The National Day - 17. May 2006
Following the tradition, I was in Sarpsborg and enjoyed the day together with my friend Torstein. We saw the children's procession, visited "De falnes grav" listened to Sarpsborg Choral Society's yearly concert in front of "Festiviteten" (this was Julius H. last concert as a conductor). We had a lot of fun and ate even more great food than last year. We had lunch at my parents place, Jon Petterson and Astrid Szava. And as always we saved the best part of the day to the last... lunch with Torstein's neighbor who had finished renovating the house since last year.

Stag party for Frank - 12.-14. May 2006
Rafting in Setesdal Frank and Anine are soon getting married, and Gisle (the best man) had arranged a weekend in Evje, Setesdal with Troll Mountain to celebrate it all. The trip included climbing, rafting, swimming (the water temperature was only 8 degrees C but I did not get a cold after doing it), football, paint ball (Frank running around in a cow costume getting a lot of bruises from all the hits we got while he was trying to run away), Go-cart driving and a lot of great food (hmmm... barbecue) for all the 10 participants. We had so much fun that we almost did not have time to get the groom drunk until someone remembered that maybe that was part of why we where there in the first place and did something with it. It was a perfect stag party! Great work Gisle!

Barbecue - 10. May 2006
Arash and Paul joined me in the perfect weather to eat Italian ice cream from Deli de Luca and barbecue in Sofienbergparken. The park was full of people enjoying the summer, and we where no exception.

Eli has birtday - 9. May 2006
My backup mother here in Oslo, Eli Utstrand, celebrated her birthday and I was of course invited to dinner. Good food, wine and company is always to be found in Snippen 7, and this birthday was no exception.

Knut's 93rd Birthday - 6. May 2006
A weekend in Sarpsborg to celebrate my grandfather's 93rd birthday. Since I am not that often in Sarpsborg, it was great to visit my grandparents again. Knut's health is not very good these days, but he is still doing well considering his age.

Climbing mistake - 5. May 2006
2 hours climbing in Vulkan indoor climbing hall with Christian Johander and Jørgen Adam Holen that could have ended with some serious damage for my part. I was climbing a 7- route and Christian was securing me. A few meters up I got really tired and decided to stay where I was and try to reach the next safety hook so I could relax. I pulled out about 3 meter rope when I was around 2 meters form the pervious safety point, and while trying to reach and secure myself in the next safety hook I lost my grip, and fell the 5 meters down on the floor. Christian did a remarkable job securing me, and I would have broken a few bones if he had not responded that fast pulling the rope back inn. I did not hit the floor with full force so all I ended up with was some burns from the rope that bled a few days and a body that hurt like hell the following days. Lesson learnt... Do it by the book next time :-)

What happened to the spring? - 2. May 2006
Last week I had to wear my winter jacket, and really warm underwear. Last week it was snow, and cold as a regular winter should be. But that was last week. Today it is warm outside, and all you need is a T-Shirt and pants to enjoy the great weather. The summer has arrived extremely fast this year, but what happened to the spring?

Infosecurity 2006 - 25.-27. April 2006
InfoSecurity 2006 Infosecurity Europe is the most comprehensive convergence of information security professionals in Europe, so I guess it would be the right place to be to learn some new stuff and to check out some of the new products on the market. And I did learn a lot, both from the hands on security educational programme and all the presentations. The event was held in the Grand Hall Olympia in London this year, and the trip was arranged by PointSec.

Slagsmålsklubben at Blitz - 8. April 2006
A concert that I have been looking forward to for a long time. It all started with a vorspiel at Jørgen's place togehter with Are, Hege, Hilde, Marlin, Kari, Jørgen's little brother and myself before we all ended up at Blitz. We came 2 hours too early, but after a few drinks at the closest bar it was time to see the 6 Swedish persons in Slagsmålsklubben playing their Commodore 64 synth-music live. Kari and Jørgen has talked a lot a bout how good SMK are live, and since I also know their latest CD "Sagan om Konungens Årsinkomst" by heart, I had high expectations. And SMK did not disappoint! A great concert!

Seminar at Hafjell - 28.-30. March 2006
Wilhelm and the IT-department had decided to have this seminar at Hotel Hunderfossen, next to Hafjell ski resort. It could probably not be more perfect! 2 days in the slopes having fun, and for a change not destroying any equipment even though I was close once. I was skiing in the same off piste wood area that Jørgen and I found 3 weeks ago, but this time alone. On my way down I got too much speed and did not manage to avoid a tree which I run straight into before banging my head into a stone. I was sure I had broken at least one ski and even though my body hurt like hell, I was quite lucky. I just ended up with a swelling, and a few scratches from the branches. Even my new Gore-Tex pants had withstand the close encounter. Bob driving was also on the program one day. It was fun to try it, but it does not qualify for repetition when the max speed is only 85km/h and all you can do is just to sit there and wait for the 1,5 min trip to end. The weather was also perfect with around 0 degrees C every day.

Gjermund is ready for bob driving

Climbing Equipment - 27. March 2006
Since Jørgen and I are going to climb a lot both indoor and outdoor from now on we decided to get all the equipment right away. I needed everything, and Jørgen needed shoes and an indoor rope, so we visited "Skandinavisk Høyfjellsutstyr" in Torggata which could provide us with everything. The hardest part was to find the right shoes, but after trying 8 diferent types we got that as well. And we even got 30% discount lucky as we are :-)

Climbing course - 26. March 2006
Jørgen and I participated in a climbing course with "Kolsås klatreklubb" at Vulkan (Maridalsveien 17 here in Oslo) to get "Bratt kort" which gives us the possibility to climb at all indoor climbing facilities in Norway. The course started 10.00 (which was actually 09:00 since we adjusted for summer time the same night), and since we both had a hangover and was dead tired after the party last night it was quite a challenge to be 4 hours in the wall. But we did both get the "Bratt kort" thanks to the instructors Ove and Heidi who backed us up :-)

Bratt Kort

Party in Paul's old apartment - 25. March 2006
Since Paul and Emilie has bought an apartment in the middle of Oslo (about time you move back to where we live :-) ), they arranged a party in the old apartment which is far, far away from Oslo, or Skøyen as some people call it. As usually, most of us (Are, Hege, Hilde, Jørgen, Kari and myself) gathered to have a vorspiel at Jørgen's place before we all took the tram to Skøyen where we stayed the rest of the night, or at least until we had to take the last tram back again.

Launch party for "Bøygen" - 23. March 2006
After making dinner (extra hot Chili con Carne was on the menu today), watching a movie and having a drink, Christian Johander and I headed for Spasibar to participate in the new Bøygen release. We came a little late for Cecilie's introduction speech (even though she waited some time for us to arrive), but we did get there in time to be really annoyed by the concert (or rather a man making horrible noises on stage) that was arranged for this Bøygen theme which was "Forakt" (contempt) and to meet some literature interested friends like Cecilie Kirkaune Kleiven and Jørun Nymoen.

Concert "Gutter, vin og sang" - 17. March 2006
An enjoyable concert performed in German by my opera singing friend Knut Schøning and his 2 friends Harald and Torgeir in Josefinesgt 15 here in Oslo. Knut was here on a few days visit from Germany where he is going to school, and I think it is incredible that he had time to set up this play where they performed songs by well known German composers. A funny thing that I also noticed was that my second cousin, Trygve Sørlie (from Westerdals Reklame), had created the posters for the concert. It is a small world :-)

Hafjell 5.-12. March 2006
Are, Hege, Jørgen, Kari, Paul, Emilie, Hilde (who arrived 3 days later because of school) and myself had a fantastic week in a rented cottage 200m from Hafjell ski resort. The thermometer showed -11 degrees Celsius or colder most of the time, which is not that bad, but because of all the wind in the ski slopes it felt much, much colder. I have actually never worn that much clothes in the ski slopes before, and still been freezing. But that did not stop us from staying in the slopes all day before we enjoyed a great dinner in the cottage and the most eager of us (well that would be me) went back for some evening skiing as well. Playing on the black jumps, driving in high speed in the slopes and off piste is way to much fun to keep me in the cottage playing Uno, which is also great, but only after the ski resort is closed :-) Jørgen and I found a perfect off piste wood area to ski in (where Jørgen also managed to loose his Canon S80 camera) with many big stones to jump on and... well lots of trees that you should try to avoid on the way down, and we used most days there. And believe it or not, but no one (not even Paul) ended up on the hospital this year! I was the only one close to that after doing a really spectacular (according to those who watched it and ran to my assistance wondering if I was still alive after landing) jump in very high speed. I destroyed both a pair of Gore-Tex pants (the whole left leg was ripped open), and gloves in the fall but at least my slalom ski and myself were intact. I am already looking forward to the trip next year!

Hacker Defense 3 - 3. March 2006
The last Hacker Defense in a series of great courses held by Arnfinn Roland from Watchcom Security Group at Fornebu here in Oslo. Advanced Attack Techniques was the theme this time, and as always I ended up much wiser, or maybe just more afraid of how to be able to defend the network where I work :-)

Sjur in Marq - 2. March 2006
My little brother Sjur and the band Marq which he is lead singer in participate in the initial rounds for the European Championship in Rock. Sindre and I was of course obligated to be at Gamla to see how they did. And they did very well! Sjur is fantastic on stage, mostly because he is so funny, but the band also managed to get the audience to really enjoy the performance. After the concert the 3 of us headed for Frokostkjelleren to sit down and relax while waiting for the judges at Gamla to set the final score. And at 24:00 the results was ready, and Marq had managed to get to the semi finale which is held at Rockefeller in May! Good luck Sjur!

France - 21.-26. February 2006
Almost a week in Paris together with my own French interpreter Nina, making everything a lot easier in a country where no one really wants to speak English anyway. Around 0 degrees, a day with snow and no plans what so ever made Paris a perfect place to be out of the tourist season. There was more then enough time for good food, good wine and for walking around in Paris to do some shopping (FNAC is a really good music store!), just look at the regular life there and to visit places like the cinema, the skating ring in front of Notre-Dame, Panthéon, "Musée des arts et métiers", "La Grande Arche" and "Centre Pompidou". On the way back the plane was delayed both on Charles de Gaulle and then on Heathrow, and with a few hours extra time there I was also able to get some Stilton cheese to take back home. Note to myself for the next trip; Do not lose the plane ticket on Heathrow airport when it is 5 min to boarding is finished, and try not to let someone steal your groceries :-)

Holiday - 21. February 2006
Bye bye Norway! Since it has been so long since I was on holiday the last time, well at least 1 month, I am now going to visit the great abroad again. Since France was so great in January, I will now try again in February to see if it is still the same. And if I keep going there as often in the future, I will probably move there before the end of this year. Hmmm... I like that thought :-)

All Star Teatersport 2 - 15. February 2006
Improvisational comedy on Chateau Neuf with Torbjørn Harr, Harald Eia, Jan-Paul Brekke, Tony Totino and the yearly winners of NM in impro, the siblings Marte and Nils Petter Mørland. They also had a non Norwegian speaking guest on stage; Shawn Kinley from Loose Moose Theatre in Canada to spice things up. Ellen Horn was main referee for the night. Team "Stakkars Oslo" was the winner at the end of this enjoyable show what I saw together with my brother Sjur.

Concert at Gloria Flames - 14. February 2006
Christian Johander and myself needed a break from every day life and ended up on Gloria Flames where Mean Martin and The Samuel Jackson 5 had concert. Mean Martin was just a band we had to see since Christian in his shared house have had a poster of this band hanging in the kitchen for more than 2 years, and neither of us has ever heard them play. Christian had decided that if we found that the band was good enough the poster could stay where it was, if the band was no good the poster had to go. Mean Martin had some good songs and the concert was ok, but it was not enough to really like them, so we decided that the poster had to go. The next band, The Samuel Jackson 5, was an instrumental only rock band. If they had had a vocal, they would have been quite good, but without it they were just boring. Very boring!

Freeshine Record Release - 11. February 2006
My cousin Anders Gjertsen, and the rest of the members in the rock-band Freeshine were quite proud to announce the release of their first record at Rock Bottom here in Oslo. And they should be, because it is very good! They also had a concert where they performed all the songs on the new album. The concert was good, and I now have my own signed copy of the record in my CD collection. Of Course!

HackCon#1 - 8-9. February 2006
A 2 days seminar about security challenges (not just IT security) with some very alterative speakers. One of the best seminars was the first one with Barry Wels and Han Fey, from the Dutch organization The open organisation of Lockpickers - Toool, who showed us how to pick physical locks like the ones you can find in most doors today. Bumpingkeys aka 999 keys was the way to get in most of the places where you have to use a normal key, and lock picking equipment a good alternative to that. They also had a stand where we could try it all, and I managed to pick all the door locks (including the military 2 star unpickable lock) and padlocks except one Abus padlock. Sjur Eivind Usken's (Honeynor) demo about phonespoofing, Roelf Temmingh's (Sensepost) demo about security scanning and hacking and Vegard Skjefstad demo about evading the HD password protection was also very good.

Aftenposten - 3. February 2006
I ended up on the front page of the online version, and got my picture on a whole page of the paper version of Norway's biggest newspapers, Aftenposten, after an interview about the increasing spam problem and a new anti-spam law that has been approved in Norway. My 15 minutes of fame was written by Reidun Sameuelsen in Aftenposten.

From the interview with Aftenposten

Skiing trip in Nordmarka - 29. January 2006
After a night out, what can be better than taking the subway to Sognvann and spend the day in Nordmarka? Spending the day in bed may be the preferred alternative, but a cross-country skiing trip to Skjennungstua and back is also quite nice when the weather is sunny and the thermometer has felt just below 0 degrees C. Note to myself for the next trip; Ski wax is a good thing to bring along when you do not have wax free skis.

Dinner and Runar's Birthday - 28. January 2006
I was invited to a fantastic dinner at Jørgen's place together with Kari and Hilde. Deer, chantarelle sauce, red wine and good company was on the menu, so it took some time before we managed to get to Runar Pedersen's 25th birthday celebration which actually started around 19:00. But at 23:30 we got there, just in time to give him the most annoying birthday present ever; The anger management chicken which is a yellow soft toy making noises till you strangle it to silence ;-)

Val d´Isère 1850 - 14-21. January 2006
A fantastic 8 days trip to the French alps with Christian Johander and Vidar Gustafson. We lived at Quartier Verdets in Val d´Isère at 1850m. We had a few days with snowfall, and the rest of the time it was just perfect sunny weather with -5 degrees C. With 330km slopes, and even more with the off-piste possibilities we did not even have time to visit all the parts of the system. But we did have time to have 3 days with a guide (Simen from Langley Travel), have lunch on Grande Motte 3456m, Tovier 2704m and in Tignes 2100m, visit the Grotte de Glace which is filled with ice sculptures and have a lot of fun both in the slopes, and even more fun off-piste with the result that Vidar's snowboard was totally destroyed (both the board, and the binding was ruined), and Christian and my own slalom skies had to be sent to full service to be fixed. Fun!

Val d´Isère - 14. January 2006
Heading for the Alps to get some fun in the ski park and in the black slopes in Val d´Isère. This is going to be so much fun! I do not think I will ever go back to Norway :-)

Tryvann - 7. January 2006
A day in the slalom hills at Tryvann with Christian, Are, Jørgen and Kari. The hills there are not very steep or hard, so it gets boring quite fast. They do not even have a good ski park, so on Sunday Christian and I went online and decided to get some more fun by going to the Alps. We ended up with a 8 days trip to Val d´Isère including everything except food and drinks. I expect that there will be some seriously fun waiting for us when we leave on Saturday.

New bed - 6. January 2006
Since I returned my old 7500NOK bed to Ikea because it was the worst thing I have ever slept on (maybe in exception of the floor on the boat to or maybe it was back from Denmark... I was quite drunk that one time :-) ) I have been sleeping on a guest bed. But today I finally had time, and I also got some help from Madeleine and Christian to get a new one. I ended up with an Ekens RM1 160cm bed for just 30.000NOK. Now I only have to wait 2 weeks to get it delivered :-)

Birthday Madeleine - 4. January 2006
An enjoyable gathering to celebrate Madeleine's 30th birthday. It included great home made food, no home made drinks at all (just red wine), good company and we even had time to visit Mono before it closed and we had to go home :-)

New Year's Eve - 31. December 2005
New Year's Eve was in according to the tradition celebrated in Are's apartment in Gründersgate 11 together with Jørgen, Kari, Paul, Emilie, Marianne, Hilde, Are and Hege. First course by Paul (marinated king prawns), main course by Are (turkey) and dessert by me (panna cotta). Champagne was served from start to end, and this year both Guy Charlamagne and Egly-Ouriet was with us. When watching the fireworks we got the day for when Kari and Jørgen are getting married and I even managed to hurt my hand when refilling my Champagne glass when one of the bigger firework rockets came falling down again hitting my thumb when my hand was outstretched. It still hurts today, and the burns are not yet gone even today when we write the 11th of January.

Christmas - 23. December 2005
I celebrated Christmas with my family in Sarpsborg, and even dad was home this year. It was great with almost a week home with good food, better company and no duties except helping my mom. The 24th was celebrated in Dronningensgt 69, and even Kari, Vetle, Bjarne and my grandparents joined us. The days after Christmas was used in family gatherings, playing games, and playing hockey with Sjur and dad. I sure feel relaxed now...

Datametrix - 20. December 2005
The yearly Datametrix Christmas bribe party, which also includes tips on how to wax your ski :-) As always it was fantastic! Great food, friendly people and a big selection in booze even though I can not see why once should need more than Aqua Vita. I actually got some tips on waxing as well that I still remember (even though the party lasted all night), so now I just have to test them out.

Fiestecita - 13. December 2005
Tuva had a party in Snippen the day after her exams, and the day before she was going back to Fuengirola to study again. As always the party was very different from a regular party, but still better in any way you can think of. Kristin with her stories, Eli's food, Tuva's friends and Tuva herself are all reasons for this. Great fun!

Juleoriatoriet - 11. December 2005
Bach's Christmas Oratorio Parts I and II was performed by "Kari's" choral group with orchestra in Trefoldighetskirken here in Oslo. The only problem was that Kari had a cold, so instead of watching Kari sing, we watched the whole concert together.

Aqua Vita - 29. November 2005 Halvor Heuch teaching us about Aqua Vita
ISF's (IT Sikkerhetsforum) yearly Christmas dinner. This year at Wilhelm Wilhelmsen in Lysaker, the shipping company for Linie Aquavit. Tron Øgrim (journalist and liar) talked about comming security threats in his own funny ways, and Hans-Christian Bangsmoen (chief information officer at Wilhelm W.) had a great lecture about the history of Aqua Vita. But even more surprisingly was it that Halvor Heuch (the only trained distiller in Norway) showed up to teach us even more about Aqua Vita, and later on also Torkjell Berulfsen (both honorary members of Norske Akevitters Venner). And we where of course also lucky enough to try a few different Aqua Vita as well, including the Christmas Aquavit 2005. Hmmm...

Birthday - 18. November 2005
A relaxing weekend in Sarpsborg to celebrate my grandmothers 81th birthday. Most of the Gjertsen family was present at the celebration the 19th, and as usually my grandmother did not disappoint by serving us a fantastic dinner and desert. I almost can not wait to celebrate Christmas there :-)

Testing Champagne - 16. November 2005
Geir Gjerdrum from Visma Ajourit and wine expert in "Dagens Næringsliv" had a great lecture about the world of Champagne for a few especially invited; me included. He guided us through the history and the making of a Champagne and did not leave anything out which is good because he is quite entertaining in the way he lectures. We did of course also taste a lot of different Champagnes and one sparkling just for the comparison during the event (starting at 70 NOK and ending at 1200 NOK). My favorites from the day was an Egly-Ouriet and a Guy Charlemagne that both cost less than 300 NOK.

Concerts at Rockefeller - 10. November 2005
The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 launch party did also include some really good concert in addition to the free drinks and food served at Rockefeller. Animal Alpha, Amulet, Paperboys, Hayseed and Don Juan Dracula all had their time on stage and they sure gave me a great time at Rockefeller. The host for the day was Alex Rosén.

Architecture in Helsinki - 8. November 2005
A good concert at Garage here in Oslo with this Australian band. Christian Johander and 2 French girls (friends of Christian's sister visiting Oslo) had joined me for this event. I talked with 6 of the 8 band members after the concert and one of the questions I asked was why they called themselves Architecture in Helsinki. I thought maybe there was some hidden meaning behind the name, but none of the band members remembered why they ended up with that name except that they thought it was a good band name at the time. I also learned that no one in the band had ever been in Finland at all. When I left Garage that night I could add a new signed version of the "In Case We Die" album to my CD collection :-)

"Lord of War" - 7. November 2005
Pre première of this great movie with Nicolas Cage as main actor at Rockefeller here in Oslo. Tormund, Are, Sturla and Jørgen joined me for this event, and we where all very surprised by how extremely good this movie is in every way. A must see for everyone... well above 18 that is.

Dagfinn Lyngbø show - 1. November 2005
Nikon had invited the comedian Dagfinn Lyngbø to perform on their take-off party at Stratos (On top of the Opera passage) here in Oslo. And he did not disappoint with the great show he had. He also included the audience a lot, making the show even better. Superb!

Halloween Party V - 29. October 2005
Logo by Jørgen A. Holen This year the halloween party was at Feber near Tinghuset here in Oslo. The big event this year was the band Rammsund performing Rammstein songs on nynorsk. And they where just amazing! This year I was dressed up as Eric Draven from The Crow; A costume made the last hour that actually became very good thanks to Jørgen's wardrobe, and Kari's facial painting skills. Glenn Thomas from Kongsberg did also join us in his Jedi costume (which he also got a prize for) this year.

New "kitchen" - 28. October 2005
I got my 40.000 NOK worth of white goods delivered today thanks to Jon at Expert Holmestrand. A Beha cooker, Beha ventilator, Gram fridge, AEG washing machine/dryer and Braun shaver. I have really missed a good cooker, so it felt really great to toss the 15-20 year old Electrolux cooker (it was in the apartment when I moved in.. really!) where only two hot-plates worked.

D-A-D Concert - 26. October 2005
At 18:00 I joined Comperio's 1 year celebration at Edderkoppen, where we saw The FAST show with Raske Menn. The show was not that good, and I managed to sneak out and join the Disneyland After Dark concert at Rockerfeller at 22:00 which was very good, especially since there were so many hard core D-A-D fans there. They played for 1 hour and 50 minutes, and reentered the stage 2 times to play more. Our Danish friends really know how to make their fans happy :-)

Brimstone concert - 22. October 2005
I have been looking forward to this concert for a long time, and Brimstone Solar Radiation Band did not disappoint with their "The Doors" inspired music at Garage in Oslo. They just gave everything on stage and did also manage to get everyone in attendance to join in and have a great time. And best of all; They played some new songs, and the old songs they played was performed quite different than what I was used to from the 2 CD's. Fantastic!

All things come to an end - 20. October 2005
When I was little I was always told that anything is possible, which also is the case, just not for too long. I have reached that point when things are not possible any longer, which is quite a setback for me and my pride. For the last years I have prioritized work before anything else, but today when I reached 100 hours overtime for this month it just said stop. I do not know what I want to do hereafter, but it does not include being a workaholic like this. I will take a break from work and probably go live with my father in England for some time, and maybe after a few weeks I have found out what I want to do when I grow up, or at least when I get back to Oslo.

Stand Up Show - 18. October 2005
A whole day with Syscom Security Forum, ending with a good dinner and a Stand Up Show at Klubbscenen at Latter here in Oslo. The show was hosted by Øyvind Loven and the comedians Jonna Støme, Sigrid Bonde Tusvik, Roar Brekke and Åsleik Engmark who all did great job on stage.

Aschehoug - 5. October 2005
Dinner and book launching for Aschehoug publishing firm at Cosmopolite here in Oslo. A lot of writers where present including Marit Nicolaysen, Tom Kristensen, Unni Lindell (who is writing really bad crime novels) and best of all Anne-Kat Hærland presenting her new book "Krig og fred og religion og politikk og sånn...". But the best part was probably to get Jo Nesbø's newest crime novel "Frelseren" a week before it is even for sale.

Fishing in Rena - 26-28. September 2005
Watchcom (Thomas Tømmernes) and Trend Norway (Thomas L. Næss) arranged a combined security seminar and fishing trip to Rena. We where in total 11 IT participants, and 2 great instructors/guides from Destination Fishing. We where fully equipped with all you need for fly-fishing the first day, and used most of the next two days in the rivers (Dalby in Renaelven and Glomma) in Rena trying to get fish. And everybody did get fish at last. I got only one, but 2 of the others got 14 graylings (harr) each. Thomas Tømmernes even got a trout (Ørret). 3 great days!

Poker - 23. September 2005
After Tormod invested in everything you need to play professional poker I have wanted to join them playing. And at last it was my turn... well and 9 others that is. Even though I had to learn most of the rules and lost my 200 NOK worth of chip after 6 hours play, I had great fun playing, eating pizza and drinking with the rest of the boys and girls.

Erling Kagge - 20. September 2005
Christian Johander managed as an Ark employee to get me on a dinner party arranged by Erling Kagge and Kagge forlag at Smuget here in Oslo. The dinner and the wine was great, and the company even better. Erling Kagge was of course there (he gave me his new book "Alt jeg ikke lærte på skolen"), Jon Almaas, Mari Midtstigen, Knut Lystad and Olav Viksmo Slettan. Great food, great company, and great entertainment by Jon Almaas... Perfect!

Holiday in Turkey - 3-18. September 2005
The summer is over here in Norway, so Lars Erik and I decided to use 2 weeks in Alanya. We bought the tickets 2 days ago, so it was actually just a coincident that we ended up in Turkey. We really wanted to go to Mallorca to play golf and go diving, but all the tickets where sold out so we ended up in Alanya instead. But even though the standard on the 2-3 star Hotel we got sucked, we almost got shot and that Turkish people are a really pain in the ass (not counting the muezzin calling out Muslims prayers from his tower every day at 05:00 in the morning) we had a good time.

With the exception of one day when we had rain, we had 35-40 degrees and sun every day. We used most of the days Scuba Diving, swimming, learning Turkish from the receptionists at the hotel, a few days with Marthe and Stine and 3 days to play golf at the best course I have ever seen; Antalya International. We also had time for "rafting", bananaslang, the Hamam and the local barber and to drink a lot of tea. I wrote a travelog from Turkey in Norwegian that you can read here.

Diving and A-ha Concert - 27. August 2005
Started the day early to help Wilhelm Friis B. look for his family's 22 feet sailboat that had drifted and sunk outside of Sandefjord on the 24th. There was just a little wind today, but the visibility under water was still just 10-50cm, and that did not make it any easier to find the boat. I search alone using ropes while Wilhelm kept an eye on me from a boat 15 meter up. After 100 minutes, and almost empty thank I had to give up. All I had found was one really big eel that attacked me, and a crab-pot.

I got back to Oslo in time to join 120.000 other people in Frognerparken, celebrating that Hydro was 100 years. Or maybe they all just came to watch the free concert with A-ha like me :-)

New Phone - 19. August 2005 W800i
After waiting almost 3 months, I finally got my new phone - The Sony Ericsson W800i. My old phone, the Nokia 7210, can after 3 years as a trustfully companion now rest in peace. The W800i has everything that I want from a phone today:
  • RDS FM radio
  • MP3 Player
  • 34MB internal memory + 512MB Memory Stick
  • GSM 1800, 1900 and 900
  • GPRS, Bluetooth and IR
It also has some other "useless" stuff like a 2 megapixel camera, a flashlight, 176x220 pixel LCD screen (262,144 colors) and lot of games. All packed inside 100 x 46 x 20.5 mm and 99 gram. And believe it or not... you can actually use it as a phone as well! I just love it!

The Öya Festival - 11-13. August 2005
Even though the weather changed from hour to hour it was mostly sunny during the festival. The rain we had just made the festival area in the Medieval Park here in Oslo less dusty.

Thursday the 11th
Ricochets, Cloroform, The Polyphonic Spree (US), JR Ewing, Magnet, Fischerspooner (US), Dinosaur Jr (US) and Turboneger was what I had time for this day. I also found out that two friends of mine, Sturla and Astrid, worked at the festival area in each their stand.

Friday the 12th
Christian had a ticket for this day and Astrid had the day off from Café con Bar, so I spent the day with them. We saw The Thing (N/Swe), Sissy Wish, Satyricon, Sonic Youth (US), Death from Above 1979 (Can), Annie and of course The Magic Numbers (UK). Babyshambles (UK) was probably the most spectacular band I saw this day. They where going to play at 17:05, but Pete Doherty was stopped in the custom (he was thrown out of the Libertines because of drug, so they probably suspected him to carry some) and Öya had to postpone the concert to 22:40. The concert was actually very entertaining when it finally started. Pete was drunk/high (probably both) from the start to the end, he was drinking vodka straight from the bottle, throwing up on stage, missing much of the text he was supposed to sing, destroying a few microphones among other band equipment and pouring vodka and beer on the audience who was standing in front of the stage. Kate Moss probably feels very lucky to have a boyfriend like that :-)

Saturday the 13th
My brother Sjur got the extra ticket I had and after having breakfast at Snippen 7, we started the day with a great concert by DeLillos. And the day just got better and better. First with Datarock (who managed to get Magnet, Ungdomsskulen and many other Norwegian bands to join them on the stage... all wearing stupid looking red sweatsuit) and then Hot Hot Heat (Can), Point Shirley, Animal Alpha, Sons and Daughters (UK), Paperboys, Thulsa Doom, Robert Post, Franz Ferdinand (UK), Marthe Valle (sister of a friend om mine, Johannes) and finally Madrugada.

Öya Crew - 10. August 2005
Since I did not have a ticket to the Öya Festival this year, I decided to check if they needed any last minute help. So 18:00 the 9th of August I meet up at the festival area, and after a 5 minutes talk with Tonje, Kristin and Torbjørn (The Öya Boss) I was given an areamap with tasks, and a team to help me out. Even though we where given way more to do than we could possibly finnish the same day we still had a lot of fun while working. Partly because one of the guys on the team was the first Big Brother winner, actor and comedian Lars Joakim Ringom, but also because we had to keep a good spirit just to get as much done as possible in the short time we had. After putting up fences, stage blockades and area mats to the big gold medal we had to stop working at 01:00 because it got too dark. For heroic achievements we where all given a VIP card, a few free beer voucher and an extra day ticket in addition to the Öya festival ticket that we already had from Torbjørn G. Krøvel. From 08:30 the next day we started finishing the remaining tasks, making everything ready before the festival opened at 14:00.

Movie Star, Vahina Giocante - 2. August 2005
A really long day that became a new and even longer day (at least concerning the part about staying awake). The fun starter right after work with a long work out session before Christian and I made dinner and went to the pre première of "Lila Says" where we actually met the charming 24 year old French main character Vahina Giocante. After the movie (which was really good) we went straight to Gloria Flames to see The Vineyards play. The concert was great, and since it was long past 24:00 already there was no point in stopping having fun even if you have work the next day. So the next stop was Kaos... and before you know it it's morning, and time to go to work. Because of the power failure the 2nd, nothing worked when I arrived at 08:30. At least that kept me busy and awake for a few hours. Around 15:00 when I started to get sleepy again, I got a text message from Kari telling me that Are was in the hospital with kidney failure. So after work, Paul and I visited him to find out how bad it was... which it was (dialysis does not sound like fun). At 20:30 I was back home, and I do not even remember going to bed.

Tyrifjorden - 29. July 2005
Are and Runar's family have a nice cottage next to Tyrifjorden where I had 3 entertaining days together with Håvard, Ronny, Andreas and of course Runar and Are (who was ill most of the time). On Friday and Saturday the weather was perfect, and we used most of the time in the water, driving around in the GH-14 or hanging after it on water-ski or wakeboard. The GH-14 with a 30HP engine was not fast enough when using only one water-ski so we joined the traveling party at the neighboring cottage to solve that. They had a new boat with 90HP making water-skiing much more funny by going both faster and making bigger waves to jump on. 2-3 hours of water-skiing was extremely funny, but it also made every muscle in my body hurt the next day. I do not think sleeping on the landing stage, playing football, learning to do a somersault or drinking to 3 in the morning had anything to do with that ;-)

Busy weekend - 24. July 2005
Since I am bloody tired of renovating, I decided not to do a thing in the apartment this weekend. So on Friday Christian Johander and I made a great dinner with salmon and home made pesto (which tasted really fantastic) before we went to a concert with Sondre Lerche and Julian Berntzen, or the Brio Brothers as they called themselves. The concert was sometimes very soporific (mostly cause I do not like Sondre's music very much), but it had it's moments. One of them being a new version of "We are the World" and of course all Julian's songs. On Saturday Paul, Are, Dankert and myself saw a stand up show at Latter called "ØstBye & Rønning - Større enn ABBA" which was great. Sunday was dedicated for work out. My calf is now getting much better (I can at least walk), but I can not start running quite yet.

Running and svimming - 14. July 2005
Christian Johander and I decided to run to a bathing place called "Katten" (a relly nice place to go swimming) combining both training and bathing in the hot weather. It is a total distance of 12-14km and mostly straight roads making it quite a nice trip. But since I have not run this far in a long time this was also the drop that "destroyed" my left calf. Probably because of tendinitis, so my doctor (Kari) has told me not to use it for 3 weeks which is probably a good idea since I almost can not walk on it. Hurra :-(

Summer - 8. July 2005
A great weekend in Sarpsborg and at "Søsterborgen", celebrating my cousin Vetle's 15th birthday/confirmation. There can be great summer weather in Norway as well, and these days were just perfect with 36 degrees at most in the shadow, and 24 degrees in the water. Give me more summer like this :-)

Moving in - 1. July 2005
With a little help from my mother, father, Paul and Brikt we actually managed to move all my stuff to the new appartment in less than 6 hours. I also got ADSL from NGT in time :-) The appartment looks messy since I am trying to renovate and get settled at the same time, but at least I have one room and a kitchen that is usable.

Renovating - 30. June 2005
I have been working up to 16 hours a day in the appartment for the last 4 weeks to get ready in time, and now I think I can see light in the end of the tunnel. And if I am really lucky it may not even be the train.

Renovating - 19. June 2005
Project "Renovating the new apartment" is slowly taking form, or at least making progress. So much to do, so little time. Argh!

Renovating the apartment - 10. June 2005
The plan (I actually have a plan, and even if my father disagree with 90% of it, I am still going to do it all) is to start with the living room, and then renovate the apartment room by room and hopefully be finished before I have to move in. My father came over from Bergen and together we ground the wooden floor in the living room. The job is quite noisy, so to avoid making all the neighbors angry we had to finish 23:30. And those who did not get mad on Friday did probably get mad on Saturday morning when we started again 08:00. At 10:00 we where finished grinding, and at 12:00 we had put on the first layer of varnish, making it look really good. I did also have time for some shopping which included buying everything from a shower head to tools and some new lightning for the rooms. At 15:15 we left Oslo to go to Fredrikstad to celebrate my grandfathers 75th birthday, and of course my mothers birthday.

Hundreårsfestivalen - 7. June 2005
It is 100 years since Norway and Sweden broke the union, and The City of Oslo has made a big celebration out of this. The celebration started the 3rd of June, and is ending the 12th of June. The best day was today at Rådhusplassen when Big Bang and Turbonegro played. More than 40.000 people where at the show, including Are Pedersen, Christian Johander and myself. And neither Big Bang or Turbonegro did disappoint. Turbonegro is probably one of the best live band I know, and the way they ended the show/day where just perfect.

Musikkens dag 2005 - 4. June 2005
A yearly event here in Oslo is "Musikkens dag" or "The day of Music". It was rainy day, but it got better during the day. As always there where a lot of people to find at every concert. This year I saw Silje Hrafa, Rigmor, Maramitsa, Olanskii, Odd, Fountainheads and The Bunny Complex. Odd was the best live band, and even though I know everyone in the Bunny Complex I can not brag about their performance. Vegard was playing at the Electronica stage this year under the name PleNiTyD, but he played so late that I did not have time to go to that concert. The day continued at a party hosted by Paul's girlfriend before we all went to "Kaos" bar at Gründerløkka.

Taking Over the Apartment - 1. June 2005
At 11:00 today I got the keys to my "new" 80m² apartment in Sofienbergsgata 59D. It feels good :-)

The National Day - 17. May 2005 Norway
This year the whole family was together in Sarpsborg. As always, my friend Torstein and I did everything from looking at the scout's parade (07:30 in the morning), the children's procession, visiting "De falnes grav" and then listen to Sarpsborg Choral Society's yearly concert in front of "Festiviteten". Torstein's parents arranged a great lunch this year, taking over the baton from their neighbor who renovate the house.

The Voice TV Live '05 - 6. May 2005
Live concert in Middelalderparken, Oslo from 18:00 to 24:00. Paul, Are, Jørgen, Kari and myself started with a vorspeil at my place, and ended up at Middelalderparken around 19:00 and a few drinks later. The bands were only "Top 20" bands, so the only reason that we went to see them was because it was free. And since the bands mostly played boring music, we (now including Runar, Ronny and their friends) had to make all the fun our selves. That included community singing to Kurt Nilsen's (the plumber and artist) "She's so high", and Are sending MMS messenger to the 2 big screens with pictures of Runar, and messages saying things like "Kjære Kurt Nilsen! Vasken min har blitt lekk og jeg vet ikke hva skal jeg gjøre. Hilsen forvtilet Are". I think we had more fun than the 30.000 other visitors, but at least they could have fun of us :-) After listening to Madcon, Paperboys, Maria Arredondo, Espen Lind, Bertine Zetlitz, Robyn, Melanie C, Christian Walz, Kurt Nilsen and Brian McFadden we did go to the bar Kaos on Grünerløkka where we stayed until it closed.

Freebit and then Golf at Evje - 5. May 2005 The Freebit Wireless Handsfree Set
Lars Erik Kure started the day making a few working versions of the Freebit wireless handsfree set together with Thomas Eng while I was watching over their shoulders. The company Metafax AS and the inventor Richard Steenfeldt Berg needed the working units for a presentation that will be held in Germany in the end of this month. The Freebit will hopefully be released this year - 4 years later than the initially release date in 2001 which was the last time I worked with it.

The next stop was Evje Golf Links in Rygge, where Lars Erik and I practiced an hour (meaning that Lars Erik taught me how to play) before we had dinner and played 9 holes.

22-Pistepirrko - 4. May 2005
A great concert at John Dee with the Finish band 22-Pistepirrko. Christian Johander had bought the tickets the day before because we were not sure if we would have time to go. But I am glad we decided to go, because even though the band started with some slow songs they really improved song after song. They ended the concert after 1h 40m, and 3 extra songs. 5 out of 6!

Stag Party for Pål - 30. April 2005From the sailplane
Pål and Anita are getting married the 21st of May, and to honour Pål we had to arrange a stag party for him. Mathias Greve, Frederic Orlando, Christian Wilberg and myself drove home to Pål in Årnes and kidnapped him 12:00. We allowed him to pack a few things before we took him to Eggemoen airport where we put him in a sailplane to do some acrobatic flying together with Eggemoen's best pilot. After 25 minutes and a lot of loops, spins, flips, stalls and upside down flying later, Pål landed. He was extremely excited and happy, but also very motion sick. The panel showed that he was exposed to almost 4,5G. The next stop was Eggemoen military field (Pål used to serve there, but the unit is now closed) before we visited the mall to get some lunch, dinner (barbecue meat for later) and something for Pål so he would feel better after the acro trip.

We had rented a cottage in Oslofjorden, but when we got back to Oslo it had started raining so no one wanted to row 3km (Mathias' outboard motor did not work) to get there. We ended up barbecuing at Mathias' veranda. Another friend of Pål, Akke Gundersen, did also show up, making us 6 people all together. After dinner, dessert, and a lot of drinks later (and even more drinks for the groom to be) we headed for town at 24:00. We ended up at a place called "Zinatra Karaoke and Musikkbar" at Aker Brygge where we also met Unni Wilhelmsen. We registered Pål for some singing, but the queue was unfortunately too long and the place closed before it was his turn.

Easter trip to Kläppen - 20-27. March 2005
Are, Hilde, Svein, Kjetil, Jørgen, Kari, Paul and myself enjoyed a week in Kläppen (Sälen, Sweden) with excellent weather and a week card to Kläppen Ski resort. We had from 0 ºC in the morning to 9 ºC later in the day, so the snow was sometimes a little wet. We also made our contribution to the hospital statistic. First with me waking up, or rather not waking up the 2nd day because of to low blood sugar. Paul (who had actually brought his first aid book) and Kjetil did a great job there, and I was back on my feet before the ambulance arrived. The 3rd day Paul managed to hurt himself really bad on slalom, and ended up at the hospital with a broken rib and collar-bone. He came back the next day, not in very good shape, but at least with his mood intact. I also tried snowboard one day, but after hurting myself way more than I thought was possible while still being able to stand up I decided to return to my slalom ski the next day. Being bored of the black trails I decided to learn how to jump instead. I advanced to red jumps the same day, and two days and a lot of great adrenalin kicks later I jumped black while doing some tricks as well. Next year I just have to get myself twin tip ski so I can do 180º-540º as well.

Black jumps in Kläppen Snowpark 2005 - Sweden

I have my own apartment - 16. March 2005
From 12:00 today, I was officially the owner of an 80m² apartment in Sofienbergsgata 59D. I am not yet sure if I am happy or not, the only thing I know for sure is that I have 1 800 000 NOK less on my bank account.

Zebra for dinner - 11. March 2005
Christian J. Eriksen and I once again decided to try something new for dinner. After looking in the book "containing strange and funny animals not living in Norway, that is hard to get, probably very expensive to buy but may be eatable anyhow" or "Wildlife" like most people would call it, we narrowed it down to either kangaroo, elephant or zebra. We ended up making a dinner with scalloped potatoes, Rucola salad, lots of fresh Parmesan and zebra. And it was perfect! Almost like horse, but even better. 6 out of 6!

Apartment #1 - 7. March 2005
After looking at 14 apartments today I finally found a really nice 80m² apartment in Sofienbergsgata 59D. I first placed a bid at 1.525.000, but that was to low and I had to raise it to 1.600.000. I am now just waiting to see if I get it :-)

Buying an apartment - 4. March 2005
Christian Moen is moving into a new apartment the 1. July, and I have to buy a place to stay before that since I do not want to pay double rent on this flat in Ullevålsveien 10. I asked the owner if she would like to sell me this one since it is perfect, but without any luck. So I am currently looking for a 70-80m² apartment near or in the center of Oslo (preferably Grünerløkka) with 1-2 bedrooms and balcony for less than 2.100.000 NOK and preferably in good shape so I do not have to renovate the whole summer. My planned summer holiday to Orlando had to be canceled because we are moving out during the time I should have been away.

Concert with Freeshine - 11. February 2005
My cousin Anders Gjertsen is playing in a band called Freeshine, a 70's, AC/DC, White Stripe inspired band. Today they had an amazing concert at Gamla here in Oslo. During the concert they even had 3 people playing Harding-fiddle joining them on some of the songs which made a strange but great combination between hard rock and folk music. Looking forward to get the new CD! 6 out of 6!

R.E.M. - 1. February 2005
Sjur, Vetle, Sven-Harald and myself got in line one hour before Oslo Spektrum opened, and that gave us the best view that we could ever want... just in front of the stage. The Thrills was the warm up band before R.E.M. entered the stage, and the fun started. And it was great! We where all so close that we could touch Stipe on the stage, and Sjur did several times during the concert when Michael reached out his hand. After the last song Sjur offered his tie to Michael Stipe, which Peter Buck took and put around Michael's neck. When Stipe left the stage wearing Sjur's yellow Fretex tie with R.E.M. buttons on we had already had the best day in a very long time. But it did not end there. After the concert we went to the backside of Oslo Spektrum, and waited more than 1 hour before both Ken String and Mike Mills showed up signing our CD's. The funnies part was when Ken String looked at the New Adventure in HiFi CD I had and said "But I'm not even playing on that one!"

Sjur and Mike Mills

Golf and Lamborghini in Marbella - 12-22. January 2005
Holiday to southern Spain with Lars Erik Kure. 10 days with 25 degrees C, and sun. The trip started perfect since I was allowed (using Lars' pilot's licence) to join the Captain (J. C. Loftheim) and the F/O (R. I. Hoff) in the cockpit for this 3040 km direct flight with a Boeing 737-800 from Oslo to Malaga. Not even the cabin personal are allowed in the cockpit these days. After 4:10 hours we landed in Malaga, and found our grey Seat rental car waiting for us. Using a GPS we started driving towards Estepona. We actually got lost, but after a long detour... I mean sightseeing tour we managed to find Tormod Tangen's apartment where we were going to stay for the next 3 days, and we just made it to our 2 O'Clock appointment at Atalaya golf course. Both Lars Erik and Tormod have the white card, and Lars Erik is also a very good golf teacher. I myself did not even know how to hit the ball even though I had 18 in HC 10 years ago. I had borrowed my brothers Wilson golf set for the occasion. The training started easy with 9 holes this day, and continued the next 9 days both on and of the links. And when I left Spain the white golf card was again in box thanks to Lars Erik.

The 4th day Tormod flew back to Norway, and we moved to El Rodeo hotel in Marbella, where we also found an insecure wireless connection, and continued downloading new episodes of 24s4. While in Spain I also visited a friend, Tuva Utstrand who used 3 days to guide Lars Erik and me through all the cities on the coast from Malaga to Porto Banus, and of course Mija. By coincidence (thanks Tracy!) I also managed to meet Isabel A C who now lives in Malaga. I also got really bad one night after eating a very good dish with fish at a restaurant, but was fine the next day (except the lack of sleep after hanging over the lavatory most of the night). My new favorite drink is now Tito Verano (red wine, ice and Sprite) and we were out drinking that almost every night, including the last day when both Tuva, Trine, Lars Erik and I went out in Fuengirola.

I must also mention our second car. The Seat was good when carrying golf clubs and more than one passenger, but we wanted something more. Before we left Norway we had decided to maybe find a Ferrari, but after looking at the different luxury cars we decided to get a black Lamborghini Gallardo 2004 model (only 2 other cars are faster than this today). And what a car that was! 4 wheel drive, V10, 5 litre, 500hp, 6 shift E-gear (F1 gear), 0-100kmh on 4,2s. Lars Erik managed to hit 260km/h in 4th gear on it. A funny thing is that this car also have a sport button (I have now idea when that would be needed because it accelerates like a rocket anyway), cassette player and mirrors that automatically folds in when parking it. And the price for our car? 150.000 Euro with spanish plates. I sure know what I want for Christmas :-)

On the way back it was Lars Erik's turn to visit the cockpit, and he was more lucky than I was since he got served dinner and observed a landing when it was dark. After we had landed, and all the passengers (except me) had exited they opened the cockpit and Lars Erik came out smiling like a kid in a toy store. A fantastic holiday altogether... not so great to be back in Norway with 0 degrees greeting us at the airport.

Happy New Year! - 1. January 2005
It has been a great year, where I have been able to travel all over the world. A big thanks to my dad for that! I hope 2005 will be just as good. Enjoy New Year's Eve, and remember not to make to many wishes for the New Year!

New Year's Eve was celebrated in Are's newly bought apartment in Gründersgate 11 (which is right next to Jørgen's apartment, making Paul and I naming them the "collective" or the "housing cooperative") together with Jørgen, Kari, Melvin, Hege, Paul and Are. We had a very good turkey dinner followed by dessert and a lot to drink. The night reached its top when we where outside drinking champagne, watching the fireworks and Jørgen proposed to Kari who said yes. True romance :-)

Christmas - 23. December 2004
Following a tradition for the 7th time, Torstein K. Johansen and myself wrote a Christmas card which we personally walked around and delivered to old class mates from primary school, their parents, and other people that we still know in Sarpsborg at the 23rd, and as always we ended up spending too much time with Marianne Efskind and her family since it is always so nice to visit them. The 24th was celebrated at my grandparents house. This year without my dad since he was working in Korea. But Kari, Vetle, Bjarne, Sigbrit, Sjur, Sindre, Ruth, Knut and my self still had a great day, and in between eating all the good food that my grandmother had made we also had time to walk around the tree. I also got just what I wanted this year; 2 bags og "Sørlands Chips" from Sjur.

Idol winner - 17. December 2004
Today the Salvation Army had managed to get Kurt Nilsen, the winner of the World Idol on stage. He does not play my kind of music, but he did well. His 2 band members on guitar made a great show all by them selves playing solo against each other on several songs when Kurt Nilsen and the audience encouraged them.

Silje Hrafa - 16. December 2004
Silje Hrafa started on stage today. I had never heard about her before, but that did not stop her from giving us a great concert. Even though it rained cats and dogs, I think everyone in the audience really enjoyed every bit. Maria Solheim was next on stage, but did not do near as well as Silje. Her music is very slow and boring and I have never really manange to like it even though I think I have seen her 2 times before. All good things are not always 3...

Christmas - 11. December 2004
Dad was home from Korea, and my brother Sindre was back from school in Brazil. Since this was the only time in a long time that we all where home in Sarpsborg together, we celebrated Christmas. Stuffed turkey, almond in the rice cream, presents and everything that should happen on the 24th, we did today :-)

Ali Reza - 9. December 2004
Bravida arranged a great Christmas dinner at "Latter", Aker Brygge. Before we had dinner we also attended to Lisa Tønne's great stand up show "Ali Reza - Atter en konge". That show was just fantastic, and I would recommend everybody to go see it! 6 out of 6.

Vidar Vang - 8. December 2004
Another concert in the spirit of the Salvation Army. This time Vidar Vang and his band gave us a great show with a lot of solo performances by the band members on guitar. They even played a completely new song live for the first time.

Venke Knutson - 7. December 2004
The Salvation Army has yearly several concerts before Christmas at Egertorget here in Oslo starring famous Norwegian artists. The concerts are free, but it is expected that you give some money to the Salvation Army so they can continue to help those who really need it. Venke Knutson was the one on the stage today, and she did excellent. She played for almost an hour, and did of course also play her most famous singles "Panic" and "Scared".

Malaga - 28. November 2004
Lars Erik Kure and I have decided to go to Malaga in Spain to play som golf and have some fun. We got the tickets today, but are leaving the 12th of January.

Halloween Party IV - 30. October 2004 Scapegoat
Scapegoats (aka Jørgen and Sturla) yearly Halloween party was this year at Café Kraftverk. The place can hold about 400 which was way to little and resulted in people standing in line all night trying to get in. But we got in... of course. Paul and I had this year dressed up identical as FBI agents. We had everything from wanted posters (of people that we knew where at the party) to FBI badges and ID cards (made them myself and they looked almost real), black suit and tie, white shirt, sunglasses and handcuffs. The funny thing was that someone we did not know had dressed up as president George W. Bush which kind of fit into the whole FBI protecting people style we had. I also met my cousin Marie at the party dressed up as evil Pippi which was kind of fun since I did not expect that she would be there.

Birthday Party - 16. October 2004
Christian (26) and myself (26) arranged a big party in our apartment, and Paul (28) joined in to make it a 3x birthday party to celebrate our 80 years! And thanks to Kim we also had several DJ's fully equipped with record/CD players, mixers, strobes and a full PA system with 2x15" to entertain us all night long with everything from old disco songs to hard house. We started 18:00 and ended around 03:00. We had about 50 guests and I think everyone had a lot of fun, I sure did. Must do this again... Next year?

R.E.M. tickets - 18. September 2004
I was home in Sarpsborg this weekend to see my brother in "Grease". Stian Joneid, Jonas Groth, Patrick and Sjur did a great job in the play, but that was unfortunately not enough. 2 eyes on the dice! My brother and I did also visit a comic store where we were able to see all the 30 first issue of the "Fantomet" comic. Sweet! The same Saturday at 10:00 the tickets for the "R.E.M. on tour '05" was put out for sale. Since both my brother and I are big fans we where ready at the computer 9:50 to make sure we would get tickets for the concert 1st of February. And we did get 4 of the best tickets just in front of the stage! 2 hours later all the tickets where sold out :-)

Atle and Johan - 15. September 2004
Pre first preformance. "Antonsen & Golden - Tilnærmet lik sant" back togehter again and doing a great stand-up show at Latter here in Oslo. 5 out og 6!

Antonsen & Golden - Tilnærmet lik sant

Home - 11. September 2004
Mom and I picked up dad at Gardermoen airport after he arrived from Korea. It was great to see him again after so long. We drove back to Sarpsborg, and on Sunday we all attended to Erna's (dad's mother) 75 years birthday party where we also met all of dad's family. I also had time to visit mom's parents, and watch my little brother and the "Grease" crew rehearse the 2nd act. They are really good, and I am looking forward to see the whole show next week.

Paintball - 3. September 2004
7 boys, 2 girls, 500 bullets each and 3 hour on a paintball field is what makes life fun. Christian Johander was the one who managed to drag me out to a field near Drammen for this paintball session just 2 hours after my plane from Rome landed. The field was great with lots of hiding places, bunkers and even a castle. Must do it again... soon!

Italy - 22. August 2004
11 days in Italy with 30-35 degrees, sun and the best place ever to stay! No, not at a hotel, but at Antonio and Atsushi's place. Antonio is as Italian as an Italian can be, and Atsushi is strange enough a Japanese who has settled down in Rome together with this Italian director. Both of them are amazingly funny, which made it hard to be bored for even 1 second during the stay. In addition to visit all of Rome (Atsushi and Antonio where perfect guides), Hanne and I also had time for a trip to Paestum where we stayed at Antonio's parents, Anna and Enzo's place. They live in Capaccio near the coast so most of the day was spent on the beach. This area of Italy also has the best pizza, buffalo mozzarella, and ice cream I have ever tasted. Before we returned to Rome we did also see the Amalfi Coast (fantastic), Pompeii (lots of ruins, but nice) and Napoli (which is a place I will never go again). Ahh... Holiday!

Flying - 22. August 2004
At Eggemoen airport I tried sailplane for the first time. And not any type of flying, but acrobatic flying together with an experienced pilot! Flying upside down, taking loops, spins, flips, stall the plane in the end of a loop so it falls back down again and more. 4,5 G is what the body is exposed to at the most, and it feels just fantastic. I did fly for about 15 minutes myself, and since it was raining this day it made the experience even better. Pure fun for only 1000 NOK.

Shootout - 17. August 2004
Together with Are and Paul I had an hour at the 25m shooting range at Villmarkshuset here in Oslo having fun with .22 caliber Ruger, Glock 9mm G17,.357 Magnum and 44 Magnum. I was much better today than previously rounds, and did manage to get a few inner 10's. But I still need a lot more training to learn how to relax and aim correctly. Are and Paul on the other hand did very well, and hit the black part of the scoreboard with about 40 of 50 shots. So "Yes", I do feel lucky together with them :-)

Boris Jeltsin - 15. August 2004
Boris Jeltsin visited Oslo to go salmon fishing with our Prime minister, and I was so lucky to see him on his way to his hotel. Boris, former president in Russia... Yeah, I know him :-)

Portør - 8-13. August 2004
5 great days in Portør near Kragerø in a nice little cottage. There was also a 12 feet Pioneer boat there which was used frequently taking us around. There was around 30 degrees celsius all week, and fishing, sunbathing, swimming and relaxing occupied most of the days.

Tusenfryd - 2. August 2004
I took the day off to go to the amusement park Tusenfryd together with my little brother and our cousin Dag. A few of my friends (Kari, Jørgen, Paul, Are, Hilde, Sturla and Brikt) also decided to join us and brought some friends along making us 12 persons altogether. And we had a lot of fun with everything from the ThunderCoaster to the log slide, Rollover, Japp Space Shot and the SuperSplash which really made us soaking wet. A good thing that we had more than 25 degrees celsius all day long.


Fredrikshavn - 30. July 2004
Short party trip with Stena Line to Denmark together with Paul and 2 two of his friends. I did not even have the energy to visit Fredrikshavn when we got there after staying up all night. But I did manage to visit the Tax Free shop and fill my cellaret once again :-)

Flying and Golfing - 28. July 2004
A whole day with fun, great weather and almost no wind! Lars Erik and I started the day renting a Cherokee 140E (LN-BDB), and went flying for an hour. We practiced landing a few times, and had some fun in the air (well, Lars Erik call my flying kamikaze piloting but I call it fun) before we went golfing at Evje Golf Links in Rygge where we played 18 holes. I really sucked the first 4 holes (understandable since I have not played golf for alsmost 10 years), and I was amazed that those I played with did not ask me to leave the links. Then I starter winning a few holes myself even though I played with people who had handicap of 25, 15 and Lars Erik who has 10. At the end of the day (after losing a few balls) I also had time to go to Sarpsborg to visit my mum, and get dinner before I took the train back to Oslo.

IE 3.0 - 5. July 2004
Tested my site using Internet Explorer 3.0 just for fun. I had no expectation at all that it would work, but it actually did. Everything except the layer menu worked as it should, and all I found was an image error on one of the pages which I fixed.

Amsterdam/Paris - 27. June 2004 TechEd 2004
I started with a visit to Amsterdam to join the Microsoft TechEd 2004 conference. The conference was really impressive, and I am still amazed over the way the staff at RAI Conference Center managed to serve all the 6.500 visitors dinner within a 1 hour period. TechEd did also offer a few very good presentations which I attended, and of course a lot of really boring and basic presentations which I accidentally joined a few of. The show at the end of the conference was also great with free drinks, food and the semi finale between Greece and Czechoslovakia which Greece won. I did also have time to see the Anne Frank's House, Van Gogh Museum, The Rijksmuseum (with the "Night Watch"), The Red Light District and the Coster Diamond Polishing Factory, but all together Amsterdam did not impress me.

The 2nd of July I left Hotel Jan Luyken (which included a phone bill on 220 Euro for 20 minutes use - don't even ask) and took the train to Paris and checked in at Hotel De La Havane there 4 hours later. The following days where just fantastic, and the weather was perfect. Since I had never been in Paris before I visited almost every sights there was; Montmartre, Sacré Coeur, the Clignancourt marked, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Élysées, La Grande Arche, Place De La Concorde, Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame, The Pompidou Centre, Cimetière du Père Lachaise (Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde are buried here a long with other celebrities), the Eiffel Tower, Musée du Louvre (Mona Lisa), the Opera where I saw the Capriccio by Strauss (a great play even though I did not understand anything), Esplanade des Invalides, St. Eustache, Pantheon, Jardin Du Luxembourg and a lot more. The metro system in Paris is btw superb and the food and wine is excellent. Paris is a great city! The 9th of July I took the train back to Amsterdam and Hotel Jan Luyken for a one night stay before I flew back to Oslo the 10th.

Bison on the Menu - 17. June 2004
After trying hare, horse, snake, beaver, ostrich, alligator, dove and most other things that can be eaten not to mention things that really should not be eaten (like silk worms, cockroaches and living strange things from the sea) I had to try Bison. The beef was prepared with oven baked potatoes, and a really great mushroom sauce but that should prove not to be enough. Bison has a really strange consistency and it tastes very little which actually makes it quite boring. Well.. zebra is the next on the menu, and I hope that will impress me more.

Boat Trip - 9. June 2004
Bravida's yearly boat trip in the Oslo fjord with white whine and shrimps on the menu. We had sun all day, and almost no wind. What can be more perfect...

The Venus Transit - 8. June 2004
Yes I saw it, and it was just like a black dot in front of the sun :-)
The Venus Transit 2004

Concert - 7. June 2004
A mini concert in Frognerparken. First with the fantastic Unni Wilhelmsen, then with the multi talented Jo Nesbø and his comp master Lars Jones, and finally all three of them did a few songs together. It did rain a little during the show but noone really cared. And with music like this I understand why. The writer Jostein Gaarder did also say a few words on the stage about the comming Venus transit which is tomorrow.

Musikkens Dag - 5. June 2004
A whole sunny day with free concerts at 20 stages all over Oslo. I saw Maria Solheim, The Beautiful People, X.Lover, Askil Holm and Jake Ziah. But the day could not have been perfect without the concert with Lars Beckstrøm. His music is just great! After that I did also manage to join Are and Jørgen for some grilled food at Are's balcony before I moved on to hear Vidar Vang. Unfortunately his concert was cancelled, but on the way the tram I used to get there did run into a black Mercedes 500 SL and wrecked it totally, so at least I did get some action on the way. No one got hurt, and we who where in the tram almost did not even notice the crash :-)

Copenhagen - 22-24. May 2004
A great weekend in Copenhagen together with Jørgen, Kari, Are, Paul, Maria and Svein. DFDS Seaways took us all the way from Oslo to Copenhagen while we could enjoy the great food on board, party and sleep before we arrived Copenhagen at 9:00, Sunday morning. We had breakfast at Højbro Plads before we moved on to the Tivoli where we spent the rest of the day having fun. The best amusements where the Demon, Dragon (where Paul managed to lose 170 DKK in coins and probably made some kids happy), Odin Express, Valhalla Castle and The Golden Tower where you get dropped from 63 meters. Jørgen did also manage to trick us into doing a really boring thing called the Flying Trunk. On the way back we also managed to fill the tariff quotas and more than that. We all brought enough liters of alcohol to make drinks for the whole summer.

The National Day - 17. May 2004 Norway
This year I celebrated this day in Sarpsborg together with my family (except my father which is in Korea) and friends. Following a tradition from previous years, my friend Torstein and I did everything from looking at the children's procession to visiting "De falnes grav" to take part in the commemorative speech and then listen to Sarpsborg Choral Society's yearly concert in front of "Festiviteten". We had lunch 3 times and ate more cake than we probably should. The best lunch was as always at Torstein's neighbour where we also got a great Chablis wine. I ended the day by visiting another friend, Roy, to eat some of his mothers fantastic chocolate cake before we saw the movie "Ondskan" and I went home to get some sleep. 17th of may is just not the same without all these elements.

Knut 90 Year - 8. May 2004
My grandfather celebrated his 90th birthday (which actually was the 4th) this weekend. The whole family and myself was in Sarpsborg visiting him and my grandmother at their house this day. Great food, family I had not seen for a long time and good speeches together with the best grandparents in the world made this day perfect. Knut is still healthy as an ox, and would probably still drive around in his car if it was not for the fact that his children has confiscated his driving licence. So now he has to stick with his bike instead :-)

Van Helsing - 5. May Van Helsing
Jørgen managed to get 8 tickets to the première for this movie starring Hugh Jackman and the beautiful Kate Beckingsale. A movie which has been graded 1 (=rotten) by all the major newspaper in this country, and which we did not have any expectations for at all. But suprisingly enough... This movie was just plain fun and entertaining action from the start to the end, and I must say that even if the story was thin, shallow and far from being based on the book about Dracula I enjoyed every minute.

Home Sweet Home - 26. April 2004
Back in Norway a few days before I expected, but 4 days in Tokyo was more than enough. To summarize the last weeks in a few sentences it would be something like this;

Korea - A nice country where they have culture (especially Seoul was fantastic with all the temples, Buddha figures, the Olympic Stadium and the cherry flowering), where most people are shorter than 170cm, no one have beard except my father, everyone wants to take a picture of you and the man with beard wherever you go, they eat fish and other half dead organisms that you really do not wanna know the name of 3 times a day, they have Kimchi and some people actually do speak English.

China - Beijing was an amazing city. You just have to see the temples, The Great Wall, The Summer Palace, The Forbidden City and the Tiananmen Square to understand what I mean. Beijing is a city full of life, they have fantastic food there, people are friendly, everything is cheap and best of all, most people speak English.

Japan - A very expensive country, and I do mean very expensive. If you are going to Tokyo you should see a few of the great gardens there, the Imperial Palace, the Toyota and Sony Building, Ginza, Shinjuku, Tokyo Tower and maybe a movie if you understand Japanese (every movie is dubbed). About 1 out of 1.000.000 people speak english in this (un?)international city so everything is in Japanese, and mostly only in Japanese. If you need a tourist guide, ask the police, or do not ask. Because if you ask someone else they will try to help you even if they did not understand you in the first place, which is very annoying since they probably will point you in the completely wrong direction.

Digital Camera - 25. April 2004 SD Memory Card
When I was in Korea and China I could use my fathers Canon Ixus 400 as much as I liked, but when I moved on to Japan I had to leave the Ixus with my father in Korea. I decided to buy a small digital camera with long battery life and fast startup time so I could take some pictures in Japan as well. I had some trouble finding what I wanted, but ended up buying a Konica Minolta DiMAGE Xg and a 512mb ultra fast Panasonic SD card.

Basic Features:
  • 3.2-megapixel CCD for images up to 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • 0.8 seconds startup time
  • 3x optical, 4x digital zoom
  • 1.6-inch 85k pixels color TFT LCD monitor
  • 120g with SD/MMC memory card storage, 16MB card included
  • Motion video 320 x 240 (15 or 30 frames per second) with sound, unlimited length
  • Image Processor CXProcess II and PictBridge and Epson PIM II compliant
Front Back

Leaving Norway - 4. April 2004
My plane is leaving norwegian ground in a few hours. First heading for Japan, then South Korea, and then China before I end my trip in Japan for a 5 days stay again. I will not be back in Norway before the 2nd of May, and by then I hope there will be 20 degrees here as well :-)

New gadget - 19. March 2004
Not just a 128mb USB memory disk. This is a secure personal storage device with biometric security called BioSlim-Disk. It uses a fingerprint scanner for authentication which is very nice when you have to bring sensitive data around. At least till the day someone decides to chop of your finger to be able to read your data.

China - 15. March 2004
At last I got the Chinese visa, and I am now ready for a trip to the Great Wall as well as everything else I will do in China, Japan and South Korea in April. I am leaving the 4th, and will not be back in Norway before we write May.

Bokbadet at Rockerfeller - 25. February 2004
Anne Grosvold was back with an exclusive Bokbadet show which was actually not sent on TV. And what a shame that was, because this was the best show ever! P.D. James (British baroness, and writer of the famous crime novels starring Dalgliesh), DBC Pierre ("Dirty But Clean" Pierre - Ex drug user and criminal, and writer of "Vernon God Little") and Julian Berntzen (Norwegian artist and creator of the fantastic album called "Waffy Town") was there. The PD. James interview was interesting, Julian Berntzens' concert was fantastic, but DBC Pierre was just incredibly funny, and the best part was that Anne Grosvold actually did manage to follow all his moves.

Italy - 15. February 2004
More travelling for me in the end of August. I now have plane tickets for a 2 weeks stay in Rome to look forward to.

South Korea and Japan - 20. January 2004
It has been some time since I got back from my Christmas Holiday, which I must say was great, but it was not until today I got to realize one of the Christmas presents I got. I am now the proud owner of a plane ticket which will give me a 3 weeks stay in Korea/Japan, or more precisely; 2 weeks in Busan/Seol, and 1 week in Tokyo. But I do not leave before April the 4th (Uh, that is a long time to wait). And do I look forward to that? You bet! I just have to practice my Japanese a little first. "Kamsa-hamnida Rusty!" Oh wait, that was Korean...

Happy New Year - 1. January 2004
As soon as I get used to write 2003 it is a new year again :-) I am now back in Oslo, 3 Christmas presents richer than when I left. I got a KitchenAid blender (I guess there will be a few cocktail parties to look forward to this year), a beautiful handmade pocket watch from around 1925 by Fabrique d'Horlogerie de Fontainemelon (FHF, Switzerland) and an open plane ticket to South Korea/Japan to visit my dad. Oh, how I love Christmas!

Christmas Holiday - 20. December 2003
Yet again it is time for Christmas, and yet again I have not bought a single present. But it is holiday so I should have enough time to do that later; maybe on the morning on the 24th... Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Deep-water diving 50m - 26. November 2003
Hydra and NYD (Norsk Yrkesdykkerskole) arranged this air caisson dive to 50m. We where 10 persons, and Dag W. Wroldsen guided us through the theory, and told us briefly what NYD do, before we entered the air caisson at diving station 1 (Fagerstrand) in 2 groups. I was together with Paul Kutlu and 2 others in the 2nd group. First we went down to 3 meters for a brief stop to see if everyone felt OK, before we went straight down to 50m. Talking with each other at this depth was extremely funny as everyone got Donald Duck voices. It also got very hot when we descended (from 20 to 40 degrees), and we could see that the balloons in the cabin got smaller every minute. At 50m we could also feel that the air was much thicker. A strange thing that we noticed was that it is impossible to whistle under 12m. On the way up it got extremely cold (18 degrees), or at least it felt so. At 40m we could talk normal to each other, and after 29 minutes we where at the surface again after a 10 minutes security stop at 3m. Great experience!

The Air Caisson Panel at Fagerstrand The Air Caisson at Fagerstrand

ISF and F-Secure - 25. November 2003
F-Secure ISF's (IT Security Forum) yearly Christmas celebration at Grand Hotel in Oslo. The day started 15:30 with Mikko Hyppönen, Director of Anti-Virus Research (F-Secure), lecturing about the consequences of virus in 2003. Sobig, Sober, Swen, Slammer and Blaster, problems with the Microsoft RPC implementation and unknown consequences of the viruses (train stop, flight cancellations and power failures) where the main themes. Had a 1 on 1 conversation with Mikko after his presentation, where he answered a lot of things I wondered about. The day ended with a great dinner with wine, and last but not least creamed rice with cherry sauce, my favorite.

Halloween Party III - 1. November 2003
Scapegoat arranged this for the 3rd time, this year at a place called Fabrikken which can hold about 600 people. I was responsible for the movie scene and had the whole cellar (or the crypt) just for this. Jørgen, Sturla and Kari arranged everything else (DJ's, performance artist, decorations and so on). And it was great! Even though I had to change the movie from time to time, I had a lot of fun running around my evil doctor costume (that I got from the hospital in Sarpsborg) drinking blood (red wine) from syringes and those bags that you have blood in on the hospital.

Cyprus and Egypt (28th of July, 2003)
One of the best holidays ever... The first few days Christian and I spent on the beach, partying in Ayia Napa (10 min walk from where we stayed) and just enjoying the beaches and the great house we had in Callisto Village (since we travelled unspecified we where really anxious about where we would end up, but it could not have been any better). We also got some great (though one of them very stupid since he managed to pin a sword he bought right through his leg while playing with them... he ended up at the hospital for 3 days) norwegian neighbours to party with. I also used some time to teach Christian how to scuba-dive since he had not done it before, and we where going on a cave dive in the end of the week.

With Christian using Paul's Open Water Diver card we ended up having a great arranged dive. Christian had some trouble initially because he had to little lead, but I fixed that with some rocks, and after that we just looked at all the fish (and there was a lot!) all the colors and had great fun swimming through all the tunnels and caves, and taking pictures with the under-water camera that we had rented. The maximum depth was 16m, and Christian acted like a born diver so no one could tell that this was his first dive ever. I also attended to another dive the next day where Advanced Open Water card was required - The Zenobia wreck which lies at 16-43m, 10 min with boat from Larnaca. Just before we landed I also saw this wreck from the airplane, so the underwater visibility here is fantastic. So was the Zenobia wreck, where the guide took us to the bar and pretended giving us a drink from the beer cans that still where intact before we looked at some of the 104 lorries that this 172m ship carried when it sank in 1980. The amazing thing is that when we where at the stern we could actually see the bow, meaning the visibility was at least 172m. On the way up I also saw 3 barracudas hunting above 1000s of amberjacks, conger eels and the regular red and black groupers. Zenobia is Swedish but I guess that did not come as a surprise since the Swedes really know how to build boats that can sink. I spent hours in the water (without air tank) every day watching all the colorful fish, the coral reefs, eels and squids. One day I joined 4 of the local divers catching squids for dinner, and I caught one myself which I gave to them.

Since Aiya Napa is a party place we did party a lot, and Grabbarna Grus became one of the favorite places. But we had also time to do some travelling and one of the places we did go to was Egypt. We joined an arranged tour and took the boat from Larnaca late at the day, and woke up in Port Said where we got on a bus and drove to Cairo to see the 3 Giza Pyramids surrounded by camels, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum and the Mummy Room, Cairo Tower, Opera House, a place where they made papyrus and got really pissed at all the people trying to sell us stupid tourist stuff all the time.

The last week we rented a car, and had time to visit all the places worth visit between and including Kolossi, Troodos Mountains, Lefkosia (aka Nicosia) and Famagusta - The dead city (which I also saw from the ocean on a boat trip). We also visited the Turkish side 2 times. One time walking in from Lefkosia, and the next time driving to Salamis to se the Colosseum there and check the beaches. Both times equally surprised by all the armed guards, the hassle to fill out forms and the large buffer zone between the 2 sides. On the way back when we where driving we almost got "robbed" by the customs on the Greek side because we had bought some T-shirts on the Turkish side, and that was of course not allowed, but we managed to talk us out of that. During the last few days we also got very tired of eating lamb since everything you order (beef, steak, kebab... you name it) is made of lamb. If it is not made of lamb you can be sure it is chicken. So what do you want? Beef lamb or beef chicken?

Holiday on Cyprus (28th of July, 2003)
Leaving Oslo for better weather and nice golden beaches. I will enjoy the next two weeks drinking coconutdrinks with small umbrellas in, go diving (looking forward to pat some sharks) and do pretty much nothing except maybe take a swim now and then. Ahh... perfect!

Summer Parade - 26. July 2003
It was a rainy Summer Parade here in Oslo this year. A lot of people attended, but not far as many as expected (only 25.000). The costumes were also less creative than previous years. The P.L.U.R. truck won the price for the best theme last year, and was also to be found as one of the 14 trucks this year. I did not stay in Oslo to party this year, but visited a friend in Moss who arranged a barbecue party there.

Terminator 3 (24th of July, 2003)
Kristanna Loken at T3 Premiere at Colosseum A great première of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" at Colosseum Cinema here in Oslo. One of the main character in the T3 movie, Kristanna Loken (playing T-X) was also attending, and to answer your question right away; Yes, she is hot! She is actually even nicer in real life than on the screen :-) Christer Falck (Robinson Christer), Harald Zwart, Brita Møystad Engseth (she had a great speech before the movie started, and before Kristanna Loken held her introduction) and many more celebrities did also attend. Colosseum has 1000 seats, and 500 of them was actually reserved for celebrities. Made me feel like an VIP myself. Oh, and by the way; The movie is actually not bad either :-)

Kristanna and Arnold

Kristanna Loken as T-X

Harald Zwart

New Car Stolen (30th of June, 2003)
First day back from Roskilde and I find my car stolen. God damn I hate Oslo! Had to use the day looking for the car and ended up reporting it stolen at the local police station. To quote Turbonegro "Fuck the world!".

Roskilde - 24. June 2003 to 30. June 2003
The Roskilde festival in Denmark was great this year as well. 1 week with sun and too many degrees if you ask me, I now look like I have spent the whole week on a beach in Italy and not in Denmark. Christian Moen and I drove down this year as well, and joined the PLUR and the "Carpe Delirium" camp on the west side. Hanne Furuheim and Christian Johander was at Roskilde for the first time, so I spent some time together with them as well.

I attended following concerts:
Day Band Rating
Thu. 26. June    Electric Six 5
Thu. 26. June Interpol 3
Thu. 26. June Massacre 2
Thu. 26. June Metallica 5
Fri. 27. June Gåte 5
Fri. 27. June Murderdolls 4
Fri. 27. June Doves 3
Fri. 27. June Kashmir 3
Fri. 27. June Turbonegro 5
Fri. 27. June Los Lobos 1
Fri. 27. June The Raveonettes 3
Fri. 27. June Iron Maiden 5
Fri. 27. June Sigur Rós with Amina 5
Fri. 27. June Coldplay 4
Fri. 27. June Kaizers Orchestra 5
Sat. 28. June Xploding Plastix 5
Sat. 28. June Hawksley Workman 4
Sat. 28. June Tomahawk 2
Sat. 28. June Blur 4-
Sat. 28. June The Cardigans 4
Sat. 28. June Mew 4
Sun. 29. June Frost 5
Sun. 29. June The Kills 4
Sun. 29. June Daniel Bedingfield 1
Sun. 29. June The Sounds 5
Sun. 29. June The Black Heart Procesion 5
Sun. 29. June Queens of The Stone Age 3
Sun. 29. June Chicane 4
Sun. 29. June Massive Attack 3
Sun. 29. June Björk 4

Norwegian Wood (15th of June, 2003)
Norwegian Wood, OsloThe only big music festival here in Oslo, Frognerbadet from the 12th to the 15th of June. I did only go the last day together with Christian, Madeleine and Hanne, and what a day! Sun all day long and fantastic bands! Being one of the 6000 visitors watching Gåte (5+), Skin (5), The Hellacopters (3) and Audioslave (5) was just great. And when Audioslave started playing "Seven Nation Army" by White Stripes it really whipped the lamas ass.

New Car (14th of June, 2003)
I have got myself a car, a blue Mazda 626 - AD 55140, 1984 model. It used to belong to my grandfather, then my aunt, and now me. The car is of course far from good shape, but it runs, so now I can go diving every weekend the whole summer. Perfect!

17th of May, 2003
Since my friend Torstein was in England at this day, I had to celebrate the Norwegian national day here in Oslo this year without doing any of our regular traditions. So what did I do this day then? I started the day early with breakfast at my balcony, as I was waken by a band playing outside my window at 09:00. The weather was fantastic this day, so while watching the children procession at 10:00 in Karl Johans street together with Hanne I got sun burnt. We had lunch at my balcony before we saw the "Russetog" at 15:00 which was a big disappointment. After that we actually bumped into the King and Queen on our way back to my place. We had both seen them earlier at the children procession, but to see them face to face was kind of strange. I finished the day at my cousin Sven Erik's place in Sarpsborggata 12 where the party ended in the early morning hours.

The Gathering (15th - 21st of April, 2003)
Scandinavia's biggest computer party with more than 4300 people (most of them in the age 14-18), each bringing their own computers, stereo systems, video players and of course the "must have" stuff like a sleeping bags, pillows, and clean clothes. With a 1 gigabit link to the Internet, demo/movie/game/graphic and music competitions and cinema 24h a day together with concerts with bands like "Press Play on Tape", "Ugress" and "Gatas Parlament", this event in Vikingskipet (the '94 Olympic Ice Hall) is just crazy. People live on Coca-Cola, junk food and 3h of sleep each day (some people actually try not to sleep at all, but fails and are easy to recognize as they are sleeping on their keyboard) for the whole week. I was responsible for the Cinema this year, something I enjoyed very much.

Denmark 4. April, 2003
Boat trip to Denmark together with most of the other TG crew. We spent the whole weekend partying and trying to get tho know each other a little better before the computer party.

CeBit Hannover (12.-16. March 2003)
Amazing! A total of approx. 498,000 square meters of indoor display space divided between 27 halls, all filled with computer/mobile related stands. A dream for anyone interested in new IT technology. The most fascinating I saw was the new 8xAGP Graphic cards from ATI (Radeon 9800 Pro) and NVidia (GeForce FX 5800 Ultra) with 256mb ram doing real-time rendering in 3D Studio Max, a 300GB disc from Maxtor, Serial-ATA, 4GB Compact Flash cards, the new Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, a monitor showing the pictures in 3D (made my eyes hurt), and an Intel/Abit system running at 4,1Ghz with watercooling. Note to next year; Bring better shoes!

Another cold record? (3. January 2003)
I am so happy that I live in Norway these day :-( At my parents home in Sarpsborg it is more than 1 meter snow and -21 degrees Celsius. Here in Oslo it is not more than a few cm snow but it is still bloody cold. Brrrrr....

Happy New Year! (31. December 2002)
The day was celebrated with a great meal (chicken fillet and italian cream pudding) at home (St. Hanshaugen), before we moved the party to the 12th floor on Aker Brygge where we opened the Champagne and looked at our money disappear up in the sky as fireworks. Lots of people, and lots of fun! I also became the barista for the night using Paul's new Espresso machine which actually made great espresso.

Christmas - 22-30. December 2002
Christmas Eve was as usually celebrated in Sarpsborg at my grandparents house. This year my uncle Trond and Tor, and my aunt Kari was there with their family as well. My grandmother made us a fantastic dinner with rib and creamed rice with cherry sauce for dessert. The best present this year was a wall clock I got from my brother that I had wanted for some time.

Flood - 25. November 2002
The main waterpipe (80cm in diameter) for our part of town cracked just outside our building in Ullevålsveien 10. This resulted in chaos in Centrum, most trams stopped running and many busses had to drive another route to get around the big masses of water that gathered in the main streets og town, and 80 cm of water in our basement. The police, fire department and tram line department was stationed outside our building, rerouting traffic, blocking roads and trying to stop the water. After 2 days we got the water back, and after 3 days everything was back to normal.

The sign says 'Self-worked washery'

The Tullinløkka

Why is death so unfair? - 5. August 2002 Ole-Petter
Ole-Petter Ødegaard from Sarpsborg, a good friend and dive buddy, past away today in a tragic Road-Racing motorcycle accident. Ole-Petter was driving for "Borg MC klubb" on the Arctic Circle Raceway in Mo i Rana when he lost control of his bike, and crashed. He died almost at once, only 29 years old.

New Apartment - 1. August 2002
Christian and I moved from Jacob Aalls gate 3B on Majorstua to Ullevålsveien 10 on St. Hanshaugen. The flat is around 90m2, the same as the old one, but it feels much bigger and it is on the 5th floor (the old was on the 2nd floor) so we have lots of outdoor light comming in. We also have a big balcony on the roof, so I am already looking forward to next summer when we can start using it.

Summer Parade - 27. July 2002
The yearly Summer Parade here in Oslo. This year bigger than ever! 12 trucks with different themes, and around 15.000 people had joined in. This year P.L.U.R. had its own truck (#10) with a jungle theme thanks to a friend of mine, Kim. Pictures from the parade can be downloaded here.

Cave Man From the P.L.U.R. Truck

Roskilde - 22. June 2002 to 30. June 2002
Leaving Norway for better weather and good Music on the Roskilde festival in Denmark together with Pål, Christian and Anette. We camped on the west side late at night, and when we woke up the next day we found out that we accidentally had camped next to some other friends (Audun and Co) from Norway. I mean, how lucky can you get! Anyhow, Roskilde was great this year, except for the fu*kers who cut a big whole in our tent, and messed up all our stuff the last night when we where ready to go home after the Tracis consert. Had to pack everything all over, and was not able to leave the festival area before 02:00 to drive to Norway. We where in Sarpsborg before 8:00! I even think I manage to follow the speed limits... at least one time during the trip :-)

The Chemical Brothers, Nelly Furtado, Garbage, HIM, Kaizers Orchestra, Kent and Red Hot Chili Peppers was some of the bands playing there. Tool had like always canceled their trip to Roskilde as they did with their trip to Oslo and the "Norwegian Wood" festival (15. June). I guess I am never going to see them live.

I attended following concerts:
Day Band Rating
Thu. 27. June    Superheroes 3+
Thu. 27. June Manu Chao Radio Bemba Sound System 5
Thu. 27. June Andrew WK 2
Thu. 27. June Rammstein 5+
Thu. 27. June The Chemical Brothers 3
Fri. 28. June Mum 3
Fri. 28. June Slayer 1
Fri. 28. June St. Thomas 1
Fri. 28. June Kaizers Orchestra 6
Fri. 28. June Red Hot Chili Peppers 3
Fri. 28. June Him 3
Fri. 28. June Pet Shop Boys 2
Sat. 29. June Jaga Jazzist 3
Sat. 29. June Notwist 5
Sat. 29. June 4Lyn 2
Sat. 29. June Bob Hund 4
Sat. 29. June Swan Lee 5
Sat. 29. June ManOWar 4
Sat. 29. June New Order 2
Sat. 29. June Aimee Mann 5
Sat. 29. June John Digweed 3
Sat. 29. June Gotan Project 4
Sat. 29. June Primal Scream 3
Sat. 29. June Millencolin 4
Sat. 29. June Yeah Yeah Yeahs 5
Sun. 30. June Thau 4
Sun. 30. June Kent 4
Sun. 30. June Sondre Lerche 5
Sun. 30. June Nelly Furtado 5
Sun. 30. June The White Stripes 3
Sun. 30. June Garbage 5
Sun. 30. June Berlevågs Mannsangforening 6
Sun. 30. June Travis 6

3X Birthday Party - 27. April 2002
My friend Martin Jessa had a birthday party together with 2 of his friends that also had birthday at the same time. So this was one great party with lots of people, Champagne, music and fun. Everything was celebrated in his house in Fredrikstad, so Christian and myself had to spend the night on the sofa there before we drove back to Oslo the next day. Great party Martin... Thanks!

New Job - 21. March 2002
Started working for the Research Council of Norway as a security advicer.

Christmas - 24. December 2001
As usually I went home to my parents house in Sarpsborg. I did not celebrate Christmas Eve there, but in my grandparents house instead. The reason for this was mostly because my father had decided to renovate the whole 1st floor some time ago and wasn't finished yet.

Christmas gathering - 15. December 2001
The yearly Christmas gathering in Sarpsborg, arranged by Torstein. As always, Torstein's mother dished up with some great food to all the people who attended. And since most of us only see each other once a year we had a lot to talk about.

Surround system has been bought - 12. December 2001
A new renter means new fun stuff in the apartment. In this case a new 5.1 surround-system, 32" flat screen TV, DVD player and loudspeakers. GREAT!

Changes - 1. December 2001
Got a new renter in my apartment in Oslo. Lots of late nights playing computer games will follow this decision :-)

No more Accenture - 14. November 2001
Ended my work for Accenture in Norway as well. Feels great doing nothing right now, but will start working again for another firm in the beginning of 2002.

Chicago - 22. October 2001
Started working for Accenture in St. Charles 35 minutes from Chicago in the US. Great place to work, but didn't work there for long. Ended my work there the 1st of November, and spent the rest of the week staying at The Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. Great weekend in this city which I actually thought should be quite bigger since it has around 4,2 million inhabitants. My hometown Oslo, with less than 600.000 inhabitants is strange enough much bigger than Chicago City. I used most of the weekend sightseeing, watching movies and shopping. Visited the Hancock Observatory, Sears Tower, Hard Rock Cafe, Navy Pier, saw a great movie called Monsters Inc. and a not so great movie called 13 Ghosts. Monday the 5th of November I flew back to Norway again and got quite a shock when I came out of the plane. I was used to more than 15 degrees celsius in Chicago, but in home sweet Norway it was only 5.

HIM Concert in Oslo - 20. October 2001
Fantastic concert by HIM at a fully booked Rockefeller in Oslo. The warm up band this night was The Rasmus from Finland which also made great performance on stage. HIM is today most famous for the songs "Join Me", "Pretending" and the remake of the song "Wicked Game". I also met some friends (Sven-Ture and Vivi) from my university at the concert.

Rainy day in Oslo - 8. October 2001
Strange to see Oslo like this. The main street and lots of other streets where flooded after a day and a night with heavy rainfall.

Go-Cart in 180km/h; The day after - 1. October 2001
Uh, I will never again drive Go-Cart. At least not this week. My body hurts like hell today, and I have trouble sitting on a chair without having pain. My thumb is also worse than yesterday :-( Looking forward to go to bed tonight. I hope it is better tomorrow. See the pictures here!

Go-Cart in 180km/h - 30. September 2001
How is that possible? You take a Racing Go Cart with 25HP, 100CC and 40KG, put it on a regular but newly bituminous road in Raufoss (Norway) and start driving. Since it was raining this Sunday, and we forgot to bring a helmet this day we couldn't drive as fast as 180 km/h, but you can still have fun. And we did have fun until I missed a turn and smashed into a ditch 1 meter below the street next to a river that was passing under the road. I managed to break the foot-protection in front of the Go-Cart, strain my right thumb and destroy the mechanism that controls the accelerator system to the engine. So the fun was over for this time. And since the sponge that we used for temporary air filter was very wet at this time we couldn't continue for long anyway. Ahh... A great day, except that I used 4 hours to get from Oslo to Raufoss with NSB.

Diving - 15. September 2001
Diving trip to a place called "Muren", a reef with lots of life. This is a great place to dive, but the one dive I had this day was not very successful. I manage to loose my lead-belt on 20m, and that kind of took the fun out of it.

Summer Parade - 28. July 2001
You take 15.000 dancing people, dress them up in skimpy, sexy (talking about the girls here :-) ), techno/space/halloween-looking costumes, several trucks with trailers filled with more dancing people and speakers playing techno music at 100dB and good weather. Then you get the yearly summer parade held here in Oslo.

You can see all the pictures here!

Dancing Queen! Metallic Man

Testing Lotus Elise 340 R - Tuesday 26. July 2001
Outside Tjuvholmen at Aker Brygge where I work I met a guy with a Lotus 340 R. This is an extraordinary car straight from the design board. And why is it called 340 R? it is only produced in 340 copies of it, and in Norway you can find 2 of them; And I got to check out one of them :-)

Model CC Cylinders HP km/h 0-100 km/h Weight Price
340R 1800 R4 179 210 4,3 sec 580 kg 50.000 $

Just look at these pictures of it!

Lotus 340 R - Front Lotus 340 R - Side Lotus 340 R - Top Lotus 340 R - Inside

Singapore - 20-27th June 2001
An unusual business trip together with Lars Erik Kure. We where going to Singapore (with intermediate landing in Bangkok where we met Bernard Tang who worked in Singapore, and he used one day guiding us around in Singapore ending the day with a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel) to check out the competitors to the Freebit wireless headset. We had a fantastic time at the CommunicAsia 2001 exhibition (no one had produced anything that could compete with the Freebit) and even better time sightseeing around in Singapore which is not just a big town and an island, but also a country so small that you can walk from one end to the other.. if you really want to that is. We did not do that, but we did among other things visit Sentosa Island, Arab Street, Chinatown and the local police station where I got 2 police officers to handcuff Lars Erik and stand on each side of him pointing a 9mm to his neck just so I could get a regular tourist photo. I bought 2 custom made silk suits (one was sent by mail to me since I ordered it the day before we left, and the "fantastic" Norwegian customs charged me 700 NOK to get it) and a Philips eXpanium 101 Portable MP3/CD player as a present for my little brother. We stayed at the 5 star Copthorne Harbour View Hotel where we had our own swimming pool at the roof. We had about 30-40 degrees Celsius and an extreme air humidity so we used some time at the pool every day. Every night we also went out for food and a drink, and one time we ended up at a place on Orchard Road looking like a rain forest where they had 2 beautiful girls at the entrance, each with a live boa snake around their neck. We just had to borrow those 2m snakes (one black and one albino) for some time, and under observation of the 2 girls we took a lot of great pictures "wearing" the snakes. We left Singapore the 26th, and was back in Oslo the 27th.

Holmenkollen - Sunday 17. June 2001
Concert with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus with Manfred Honeck as a conductor on the main scene. Opera with Solveig Kringlebotn and the Romeo and Juliet ballet (just the swordfight part where one of Romeo's enemy gets killed) on the smaller scene floating on water in front of the main scene surrounded by 5 classic norwegian boats. Each row by a man in the national costume with 2-4 men, women and/or boys on board also in the national costume. It was just a great day, and even if we had a little cloudy sky the general public almost filled up the lower part of the jumping hill arena.

Met Queen Elisabeth - 31. May 2001
I was on my way from work to a phone-company called Telenor to get my internet password. This was in the middle of the day so the streets where almost empty of people. When I came up to the parliament building here in Oslo, I met a few police officers, but didn't think very much about it until I suddenly stood face to face with Queen Elisabeth of England, Håkon (the Crown Prince of Norway) and his coming wife Mette-Marit. Strange coincidence...

Course in Sandefjord - 3. May 2001 to 5. May 2001
Accenture course in Sandefjord. I was so lucky to be coach for the Security and Storage group. We worked on a new technology called JINI. It was fun.

Visit from Ireland/Canada - 27. April 2001 to 2. May 2001
My friend Tracy from Canada came on a visit. She's currently living in Ireland, so it is not that far away from Norway. Even though we have not seen each other for 3 years. It was great to meet her again, and we had a lot of fun.

London - 29. March 2001 to 2. April 2001
4 days in London. I was actually going to meet Tracy there, but things happened and she had to stay in Dublin unfortunately. I still had a great time visiting almost everything that one should see as a tourist. Even the hotel was good! A fantastic trip :-)

Flying - 24. March 2001
I used this Saturday to go flying together with my friend Lars Erik. We had a 4 hours trip from Rygge to Kristiandsand to Geiteryggen and back to Rygge again with a single propeller Cherokee 140E airplane (LN-HOR). The weather was beautiful, and I was able to take a lot of good pictures with my newly borrowed Cannon mirror reflex camera.

Accenture annual meeting 2-4 March 2001
A great weekend in Sunne in Sweden. Was able to use my slalom ski a lot, drove snow scooter and I also tried a new thing; Ice mountain climbing. All this things together with some great friends, a good concert with LoveShack, good food and a lot to drink made this weekend perfect.

Bertine Zetlitz - 11. November 2000
My first concert with Bertine at Rockefeller here in Oslo. A good and relaxing way to end a day :-)

Hospital - 26-30th August 2000
All great things come to an end. This time the cause was a little to much to drink at Geilo, to little insulin and a bloody stupid doctor. Already the 27th I was unconscious because of too high blood sugar. Arnljot called the ambulance, and a doctor came and gave me even more sugar without even measuring my blood sugar which was now around 40. The result was of course that I got even worse, and at the 28th Arnljot called the ambulance again (after I had partly ruined the apartment) and I was immediately moved to the intensive care unit at Ullevål more dead than alive. I woke up the 29th and the last thing I remember was travelling from Geilo the 26th. But after what I have been told it is probably best not to remember what happened anyway. Late on the 30th I signed the papers to leave the hospital and joined my project team to play some paint ball (which is extremely hard to do when you are to worn-out to even walk straight) and have better dinner.

AC trip to Geilo - 24-26th August 2000
Andersen Consulting's yearly winter party. This year Geilo was the place, and Dr. Holms the hotel. The program included everything from slalom, iceberg climbing, snow scooter and sled driving to team building tasks. A great dinner, free drinks and a concert was of course also part of the event.

AC java course - July 2000
A 14 days (2.-16. July) java course in Sophia Antipolis, France. Sophia is just a 10 minutes drive from Nice, so in addition to what the coaches from Andersen Consulting tried to teach us, we spent most of the time at the beaches in Nice, in the swimming pool at the Mercure hotel, eating tasty food and drinking great vine at the fine restaurants in the the Valbonne area, or driving around to see Monaco, Cannes or even more fantastic cities like Albenga in Italy. Eirik Jakobsen and I met an Italian (Antonio) who spoke very well English, and who guided us around every street and corner in Albenga, and talked us through 1000 of years of history. Albenga had in addition to Italian speaking people and great food a carnival to celebrate the city the day we where there, which made everything just perfect since it was a coincident that we ended up there in the first place. A great way to start the new job in Andersen Consulting.

Amy Garton - 18. December 1998
A good friend from the Lion's Camp 1997, Amy Garton, a Grade 13 student from Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute past away today in a car accident. Amy was a Student Council Deputy Prime Minister at DCI, a musician and she played on the school's volleyball and basketball teams. You are missed Amy!

My first cellphone - 4. November 1997
Always good to know that you are reachable and that you can contact people wherever you are. Since the cellphones now are small enough to be considered mobile, I decided to get one. After looking around at the different models, I ended up with a 190g Panasonic G500 with vibration calling, GSM 900 and a Telenor subscription. My number is 91 78 77 02 :-)

Lions Camp - 5. July 1997
Lions Camp '97 in Austria where I met people from all over the world. We stayed at 3 different places, but I think all of us can agree that we had the most fun when we stayed at a hotel in Vienna. Close to the city center and the bar called "Downstairs" where we spent a lot of time playing pool among other things. At the 27th of July I also had time to visit Sopron in Hungary together with Maciej and my host family. The whole camp was fantastic, and a great memory for the rest of my life.

Konfirmasjon - 25. April 1993
A big day for me. My parents arranged a party in Dronningensgate 69 after the ceremony in the church, and most of the family on both sides attended. I did get a lot of presents including a LillSport rucksack, Helsport tent, DBS bike and 3950 NOK, and of course a lot of speeches and word of wisdom during the dinner.