I do not make updates to the "News" and "Latest News" any more. Mainly because I am too busy doing other things I find more important (or kids as some call them). But sooner… or in this case rather later, new entries will be added. I have made a note to myself that the left side menu does not pop up in any modern browsers (made a workaround for this, but only in the front page). This happens when you use tags that only work in Internet Explorer up to version 10. Finally Microsoft has also decided to follow the HTML standards, but shame on me for not following them in the end of 2000 when I wrote this.

"So why did you not use standard HTML on this menu, Gjermund? That would have saved you a lot of work now when you have to rewrite it, right?"

Ah… Yes. But in the prehistoric time we now are talking about, when the internet was still young, the few browser manufacturers that existed did not cooperate and the standards where really immature and the limitations hit you in the face every time you tried to do something advanced I had to make a choice. I wanted to make a nice transparent pop-up menu using layers and that was only possible to solve in Internet Explorer 5. At first I tried to make a cross browser solution that would also work in other browsers like Opera 4/5 and Netscape 4.7/6, but that was not possible. I will at some point rewrite the code, but feel free to do it for me if you have time :-)

I still update the Movie Reviews and a few other parts of the site.

Norse Myths
The good old site about Norse Myths has been updated, and moved to another domain. Check out the stories about Thor, Odin, Loki and read about Ragnarok and how it affected the Nine Worlds!!

A brilliantly written piece about religious believes. Written by Glenn Thomas Hvidsten.

Guestbook Version 1.7
The guestbook has been updated, and is now out in version 1.7. If you want the guestbook on your own homepage you can download it from my script page.

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