• Heard of Lada's new turbo model?
    It has pedals in the backseat, too!
  • What's situated on the highway saying "Wrom, Wrom"?
    A VW which is stuck to some chewing gum.
  • Do you know what the telephones along the road are called?
  • Have you heard of the woman who bought 100 kilos of steel wool, and wanted to knit a VW.
  • What is the difference between the flu and a Skoda ?
    It is possible to get rid of the flu.
  • How do you make a Lada worth twice as much?
    You fill up the gas-tank.
  • Why is the Lada's rear window heated?
    So the hands of the people pushing it will not freeze.
  • How do you make a Lada disappear?
    You spray it with rust-remover!
  • Now they have made a new Lada, with two exhaust pipes - so you can use it as a wheelbarrow at weekends.
  • What is the instruction book to the Lada called?
    Mein Kampf.
  • A Lada can reach a speed of 140 km/h - if it is transported on the railway.
  • - A Lada stopped beside the road. A donkey came up and said:
    - Hello, car!
    - Hello, donkey! the Lada replied.
    Then the donkey began to cry and said:
    - When I call you a car, why can not you call me a horse.
  • Did you know that the Lada's instruction book contains 500 pages?
    There are two pages with information about the car and 498 pages with bus- and railroad-routes.
  • Why do insurance companies enjoy Ladas?
    They are never stolen ...
  • Why is there light under the Lada's bonnet?
    So you can fix it 24 hours a day.
  • The Russian industrial minister at the car exibition in Leipzig:
    - We are exporting the problems.
  • My cousin was unemployed. Then he became a Lada salesman.
    He is still unemployed, but now we understand why ...
  • Do you know what all the Lada owners are dreaming about?
    Getting a ticket for speeding.
  • From a newspaper:
    To the man who stole my Skoda in 20 degrees of frost.
    Keep the Skoda, but please tell me how you started it!
  • Did you know that there are only two men working in the Lada factory?
    One with scissors and one with glue ...
  • Do you know what the trip-counter in the Lada says when it is passing 20 000 km?
    Game Over!