New Domain (20.09.2004)
The server was shut down today because no one would maintain it. My site has now been moved to instead. A big thanks to my friend Ola Ormset who gave me a new web space on such short notice!

Some Updates (30.05.2003)
Updated the guestbook, published some more pictures, removed the counter and did some other minor changes on the page.

PHP Counter (15.04.2002)
Finished a text based PHP counter with some help from Jørgen Holen. It logs your IP address so it will not count you more than once. It also has an option so you can chose how many IP addresses it should remember in case you need more hits on your page :-) Christian's counter is anyhow more fancy than mine, so I will keep that for now.

Python Counter (30.03.2002)
With too little free time I had to borrow a counter for my page from my friend Christian Moen. It is written i Python, and uses pictures to show the number of visitors. If you want it, you can get it from Christian's homepage.

New Guestbook (16.01.2002)
I have believe it or not written a complete guestbook from scratch in php4! I was told that php was the best language to write a guestbook in, so after 2 days hard work I manage to finish it. Since I didn't know any php at all when I started I had to use as guidance. If you want the guestbook on your own page you can download it from my script page.

Hacker Trouble (09.05.2001)
Someone replaced all the HTML and ASP pages on my IIS server with files saying "fuck USA Government fuck PoizonBOx" by using a security hole in IIS, adding a VB script to my server. I had no trouble removing it, but it was kind of annoying. Later I found out that this was a reaction against what the US group PoizonBOx did to a lot of chinese webpages during the episode with the US spyplane in China. PoizonBOx actually meant that the chinese government should have given an apology to the US because of this incident. Of course it had to be a group from the US saying something stupid as that. Morons... Keep up the good work China!

Update (26.03.2001)
The pages have been updated and the tables have been adjusted a little. Some pictures are still missing and the guestbook is not finished yet, but this will be in place some day.

Finished (29.01.2001)
Almost everything on the site is finished, and it doesn't look to bad either. Guess I am finished with this project then... Time to find another one :-)

This Page (14.01.2001)
The first version of this page has been created. It is not finished yet, I have just made it accessible so you can see what the finished page will look like, and to put it on the web before my friend Ragna finished her own site :-). But I guess you won anyway Ragna since, your page is finished, and mine is not.

My 2nd Web Page (20.01.1998)
Things can always be done better. This page was made in Notepad since I felt that I had to learn HTML. I am getting better at this, but far from good enough.

My 1st Web Page (20.08.1997)
A rather miserable try to make a web page, but at least a start. This page was made using an online HTML generator at, and is not to be found anywhere today luckily for me. Learning by doing isn't that the case?

HTML 4.01 (September 2004)
Updated my site from using HTML 4.0 Transitional to HTML 4.01 Transitional. The site does of course validate at W3C, but the layers I use does still not work in Opera or Mozilla :-)

CSS and SSI (January 2002)
My site now uses CSS on all the content. I have also started using SSI for part of the content. This is just to make it easier for me to maintain the pages. Should have done this from the beginning, but better late than never...

This Page
When I started making a new homepage in late 2000 I wanted it to be better than all the other sites I have made. It uses 9 javascripts, and layers so it is not compatible with Opera or browsers older than IE 4.0 and Netscape 4.0. Some of the design (including a few javascripts) has been borrowed from Nebulus, but all of it has been repainted and rewritten so it looks and works better.

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